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What If Each Song On Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR Had An Instagram Page?

What If Each Song On Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR Had An Instagram Page?

Olivia Rodrigo is the queen of packing a ton of imagery and feeling into her lyrics, to the point where each song has a specific personality and feel. So what if each song on the SOUR album had its own Instagram, tying into the aesthetic of the lyrics and the vibes we get from each track? No more wondering – we made our own moodboards to bring our ideas to life!


The opening track of SOUR gives us the ultimate grungy, rebellious vibes. If ‘brutal’ was a person, we could see her spending her weekend with friends in a big city, whether they drive or take the bus to avoid awkward parking encounters.

Key Lyrics: “I’m not cool, and I’m not smart, and I can’t even parallel park…”


This emotional track definitely gives us soft, hopeless romantic vibes, so we think she would post all kinds of pretty things on her feed. But when it’s past midnight and she’s alone in her room in the dark, she’d be posting breakup quotes to her stories.

Key Lyrics: “Loved you at your worst, but that didn’t matter…”

‘drivers license’

Oh, boy, we’ve gotten to one of the main events. With how much emotion and raw energy went into ‘drivers license,’ we could see her posting a ton of vivid colors and some good emo content. Good aesthetic emo content, of course. She’d probably take nightly walks around her neighborhood to clear her head.

Key Lyrics: “Red lights, stop signs, I still see your face…”

‘1 step forward, 3 steps back’

It’s no secret that Miss ‘1 step forward, 3 steps back’ has a lot going on… like, a lot. But even with all the angst and frustration in the song, it’s still mellow. We bet she’d spend a lot of time in nature to calm her mind and have more of a boho vibe than the other songs.

Key Lyrics: “It’s back and forth, goin’ over everything I said…”

‘deja vu’

‘deja vu’ is definitely that girl who gives off the coolest vibes but is actually shy and caught in her own thoughts behind the scenes. She’d come home from the most popular house parties on Friday nights and wind up Insta-stalking her ex she ran into, crossing her fingers that she doesn’t accidentally like a post from eight months ago.

Key Lyrics: “That was our place, I found it first…”

‘good 4 u’

Everyone had that teenage angst phase they took a little too far, so for ‘good 4 u,’ we’re throwing it back to our high school days. Walking into homeroom on her first day back from summer break, she’d be furious to realize that not only is her ex in her class, but his lockscreen is a picture of him and some other girl. Gasp.

Key Lyrics: “Maybe I’m too emotional, but your apathy’s like a wound in salt…”

‘enough for you’

Picture this: it’s around sunrise and everyone in town is asleep. Except ‘enough for you,’ who’s trying to get her mind off a devastating relationship and channeling her feelings into poems she may publish one day, or no one will ever read. It’s the start of a new chapter in her life and she’s anxious, but eager to move forward.

Key Lyric: “Someday, I’ll be everything to somebody else…”


Gearing up to refresh her mindset and reset her life, ‘happier’ is ready to start accepting the past for what it is and focusing on what comes next. You go, girl! She’d use her Instagram to spread the good vibes and relaxation she’s found, and she’d get quite a following for it.

Key Lyrics: “She’s beautiful, she looks kind…”

‘jealousy, jealousy’

Our girl ‘jealousy, jealousy’ is finding herself in a digital world and we love her for it! From amazing outfit photos to artsy pictures from museums, her feed would be such a standout and most followers would have post notifications on.

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Key Lyrics: “Their beauty’s not my lack…”

‘favorite crime’

We’re doing something a little different for ‘favorite crime’ and imagining what her profile would look like while she was dating the bad boy in the song! From late-night dates to stealing his leather jackets, this relationship would honestly be an aesthetic and a half.

Key Lyrics: “I say that I hate you with a smile on my face…”

‘hope ur ok’

Need a mood boost? ‘hope ur ok’ is your girl! Her followers love how uplifting she is and the bright colors her feed centers on. She’s all about kindness and feel-good vibes, and she regularly DMs people asking how they’re doing.

Key Lyrics: “Do you know how proud I am you were created?”

We can always go for more aesthetic SOUR content, and Olivia is delivering. For the album’s first anniversary, she’s offering a limited box set with a shirt, CD, and special box, as well as an updated version of the zine she released alongside the album. If you check out your local Target, you can also find the new zine with an exclusive tattoo pack! Amazon is joining in the fun as well with a light blue version of the vinyl. Make sure you run, don’t walk, to pick up your copies!

Which of these songs would you follow? Which aesthetic is closest to your own? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more Olivia Rodrigo content, click here.


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