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5 Songs By Dove Cameron You Need To Check Out!

5 Songs By Dove Cameron You Need To Check Out!

Known for her acting abilities, Dove Cameron graced our television screens as the lead roles in Liv & Maddie and the Descendants movies. She even participated and performed with the series’ soundtracks and choreography! Soon branching out to musical roles and other shows, Dove let us know that she is a powerhouse with so much talent to showcase. Dove Cameron’s talents onscreen are undeniably superb, but she also has an amazing discography of original songs following her other successes! If you haven’t listened to her music yet, we have your back … Here are five of Dove’s songs you need in your playlist now!

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Her newest self-empowering anthem ‘Boyfriend‘ is the first song Dove created from the perspective of a queer woman. A true inspiration, she used her experiences and voice to create her unique sound. There is so much to love about ‘Boyfriend!’ The message behind the lyrics, the darker grunge vibes in the music video, and the empowerment it gives to listeners all are spectacular. It is no surprise that the song became as viral as it is now.


Another one of our favorite Dove Cameron songs, ‘Lazybaby‘ is a disco-pop single that takes broken hearts and turns them into future opportunities. In the track, Dove transforms the feelings of her breakup into hope, striving to put herself first and encouraging others to follow their feelings. As a result, ‘Lazybaby’ cements Dove as a role model, helping others cope with their feelings. And combined with a catchy tune, this song is perfect for listening to any time and anywhere!

‘Out of Touch’

Next, Dove shows off her musical range with ‘Out of Touch,’ a pop-rock song with strength in love and relationships. The guitar riffs combined with Dove’s raw vocals are everything we want and more! Singing about making up after an argument, Dove is relatable and not out of touch with our hearts at all!


Not only does Dove cast spells as Mal in Disney’s Descendants, but she also enchants us with her voice in this bop! ‘Evil’ is a song featured in the animated series Descendants: Wicked World and makes the perfect addition to any cool playlist. Singing charmfully about how good it is to be evil, perhaps she is right!

‘Better in Stereo’

Lastly, we can’t end a Dove Cameron compilation without traveling down memory lane. ‘Better in Stereo’ brings back all the fun memories with friends and loved ones, especially our other halves! We sometimes need to relive fun times, and this nostalgic tune is perfect for that. Liv & Maddie marks the beginning of a new era of Dove, and we are living for it!

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And that concludes our list of favorite Dove Cameron songs! She is an incredibly talented artist with so much to show and we are anticipating her future releases like ‘Breakfast.’ While most of her older songs are removed from streaming sites, we can always revisit them through social media. Have any other Dove songs you want to share? Let us know in the comments or through our Instagram and Twitter!


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