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‘London Is Lonely’ As Holly Humberstone Announces North American Tour

‘London Is Lonely’ As Holly Humberstone Announces North American Tour

Whether it’s an air vent or a car full of fluffy pink-hued seats, breakout popstar Holly Humberstone has shown us through her music videos that she has a thing for tight spaces. What we weren’t aware of, is that while she moseyed out the windows, she was met with so many beautiful North American pastures: New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, and San Francisco, to be exact! 

Each city is marked as a place she’ll visit for her ‘Sleep Tight’ tour, named after another of Holly’s diary-mused indie-pop anthems; the sort of song that Spotify would most likely refer you to if your most listened to artists included fellow next-generation juggernaut, Olivia Rodrigo. There is a reason they’re currently tour buddies, having Holly open up for Olivia’s Sour tour.

Knowing that sharing’s caring, after all, Gracie Abrams took the first half of the tour, with the ending dates signed on for Holly Humberstone – all leading to the closing two-night show on May 24 and May 25 at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles. With a tweeting callback to an impromptu prom for her Detroit stopover, who knows what Olivia has planned for the city of dreams? 

Musical Allies 

While her fans’ names are spread out on a charcoal banner as she starts her Sour tour set, with her teal guitar in hand, we’re reminded that her name isn’t just on EP covers! It’s the talk of big-timer Holly fans too, such as James Bay, Sam Fender, and more! Even Niall Horan, who spent the Superbowl Sunday pregame show back in February curating a playlist for SiriusXM listeners, said: “This morning I was listening to the British singer-songwriter... Her name is Holly Humberstone. She is the real deal. Just her and the guitar. She is amazing, she has a sweet little voice.” Who’s to say one of them won’t be at Holly’s gig? Nothing beats seeing one of your favorite artists perform live, followed by spotting another lingering near the bar, scooping a beer tray beneath their arm before returning to their seat.

Clicking on Holly’s website is a lot like breaking and entering into her diary, revealing a skull smacked in the middle of capitalized lyrics. It’s also where you’ll find tickets for Holly Humberstone’s headlining shows on tour! Tickets seem to be in the American dollar mid-twenties range with no selected tiers, and the mosh-pit promises to be packed by a sea of fellow fans screaming out “Ooh, I know I adore you / I don’t need you now!” and we are so ready!

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Image source: Holly Humberstone Official Twitter

What sleeper hit of Holly Humberstone’s are you most looking forward to hearing live on tour? ‘Drop Dead?’ ‘Vanilla?’ ‘The Walls Are Way Too Thin?’ There are oh so many to choose from! Tweet us with your numero uno at @TheHoneyPop


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