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Reminiscing SEVENTEEN Tour Moments Because They Announced Be The Sun Tour

Reminiscing SEVENTEEN Tour Moments Because They Announced Be The Sun Tour

We know you know. We know you know that Seventeen has announced their Be The Sun tour, and we know that you’re excited. It’s been two years (*cries*) since they’ve been on tour (curse you COVID 😾) but they’re finally coming back! And with a new tour comes new wacky, amazing, fun tour moments. So now we’re going to reminisce with 10 tour moments to mentally prepare you for what’s to come. Then, you should go see 5 Seventeen Performances to prepare you too. Put on your shades, it’s about to get sunny 😎.

1. Hoshi Defending Gay Chicken Rights (2020)

We have to start this list off with a moment that had Caratland rolling on the floor. In an attempt to answer the age-old question “Does the egg or chicken come first?” Dino and Hoshi slightly veered off-topic and ended up discussing gay chickens and their rights. Wonwoo sits between them (meditating or just listening along) while the two performance unit members get into it. Certainly, an interesting conversation to witness.

2. The Never-Ending ‘Aju Nice’ Encore (2020)

Like many groups do at the end of their concerts, Seventeen has an encore performance. However, unlike many groups, Seventeen’s…takes a while to end. Here you can see that ‘AJU NICE,’ one of Seventeen’s most popular songs, just goes on and on. Just when you think it’s done…they start up again. In the last 2 years, it shifted to ‘Snap Shoot,’ so we wonder if they’re going to keep ‘AJU NICE’ as the encore or move forward with ‘Snap Shoot.’ Your move, Seventeen.

3. Dino’s Adlibs For OT13 ‘Just Do It’ (2019-2020)

We all remember BooSeokSoon’s (Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi) unit release, ‘Just Do It,’ right? Well, on tour, they ended up performing the song as a group, which is a moment in and of itself. But one thing that’s special about these OT13 performances is Dino’s creative and adorable adlibs at the end of the bridge. Our favorite maknae uses his time in the spotlight, whether it’s to make Carats laugh or squeal with excitement. We can’t wait for Dino to steal our hearts again during the new tour!

4. Jun Rapping Vernon’s Part In ‘Jam Jam’ (2018)

We all know Wen Junhui is an ace, but it’s very rare that we get to hear him rap. Nothing wrong with that; Jun’s singing voice is beautiful and we could listen to him sing all day. But when he does get the chance to rap, we are listening intently. Seventeen’s performance unit performed the 13-member track, ‘Jam Jam,’ and clearly, Jun snagged one of Vernon’s rap parts and nailed it. What a king! Are we surprised? No, not really, but we are a bit weak in the knees…waiting for the day Jun gets to rap again.

5. Hoshi Scaring Seungkwan On Seungkwan’s Birthday (2020)

One moment Carats will never forget is when Hoshi took the liberty of scaring the bejeezus out of Seungkwan on his own birthday. In the Seventeen-birthday tradition, Seungkwan held a Vlive for his birthday, and all the members gathered to celebrate with him. But, if you pay close attention, you can see Hoshi sneaking behind the curtains that served as Seungkwan’s backdrop. Once all the members had vacated the room, Seungkwan talks to Carats a bit until out of nowhere, Hoshi bursts from the curtain, and Seungkwan is effectively terrified. The camera drops onto the floor, which makes the moment even funnier. We’re sorry Seungkwan, but this is just too good of a moment not to recall.

6. DK And Joshua’s Conversation About Mixing Colors (2020)

Another interesting moment to come out of Seventeen’s Ode To You tour is when Joshua and DK spent some time…discussing mixing colors. It’s a whole trip, especially when Joshua asks DK what color comes from blue and red, to which DK responds “orange”. Joshua says orange is just orange, but…unfortunately, he is wrong because it comes from red and yellow. However, it’s still funny and quite cute to see them talk about something as simple as the primary colors (a very blues clues-y feel). We’re curious to see what else the members will discuss in their tour Vlives.

7. Legendary ‘CLAP’ Intro (2018)

This list would not be complete without the legendary ‘CLAP’ intro from their 2018 Japan Arena Tour. The dramaticism of it all…only Seventeen could do this. Of course, we love the ‘CLAP’ performance as a whole, but this intro builds the energy and adrenaline. It’s the perfect way to start off a concert! Plus, they look amazing in those prince uniforms, of course. We’re so thrilled to experience a brand new intro for Be The Sun tour!

8. The8 Nailing People (Including Vernon) With Confetti (2020)

Another fun moment is here, when The8 takes confetti at the end of their show and um…throws it at carats. Maybe he doesn’t know his own strength, because it looks like he’s throwing a dodgeball, but the Carats in the video are okay! Vernon got caught in the middle of it too, after gently setting confetti on The8’s head. Noted not to get in The8’s way when he has confetti in his hands.

9. Joshua Dropping His Mic And Hitting The Woah (2020)

And here we have Joshua attempting to flip his microphone, dropping it, and then coolly picking it up and doing the woah. All in the span of seven glorious seconds. The reactions of the other members make it even funnier; Vernon is so shocked, that he puts his hands on his head, Hoshi goes to help Joshua, Seungkwan has his hand over his mouth in surprise and we can see several of the other members following suit. Everyone laughs when Joshua hits the woah, which makes it even cuter. Since he has a new mic now, we hope he doesn’t drop it again while on tour.

10. Jeonghan Performing His Solo ‘Purple Rose’

This performance still haunts us even after all these years. Jeonghan absolutely left us breathless with this beautiful solo performance of his R&B track, ‘Purple Rose.’ We’re still waiting for the studio version (along with the studio versions of all the solo performances from this concert). He sounds and looks heavenly, which makes sense because he’s Seventeen’s angel. We’re hoping to see another solo from Jeonghan, or any of the members for Be The Sun. Fingers crossed!

Everything’s Sunny in Caratland 🌞

So buckle in everyone! Now that we have both a tour and comeback on the horizon, Caratland is about to get much brighter. If you don’t already know, Seventeen’s tour starts off in Seoul on Jun 25th, and then they will make their way to North America in August, starting with Vancouver on August 10th, and then hitting Seattle, Oakland, Los Angeles, Houston, Fort Worth, Chicago, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Belmont Park, Toronto, and ending in Newark on September 6th. They will be adding more shows to the list and will have a Japan dome tour as well after the North American leg of the tour! So be sure to register for pre-sale and grab your tickets!

Furthermore, we have some amazing news: Seventeen just hit 2 million pre-orders for their upcoming album, Face The Sun. This is an all-time high for them, so congratulations to the boys and carats! Don’t forget to tune in on May 27th for the release of their album! It’s the day after their anniversary too…our eyes are sweating just thinking about it.

Okay, so what are you guys most excited to see on tour? Which stops are y’all trying to hit? Caratbongs ready? Preparing your tour fits? We wanna hear it all. Leave a comment or hit us up on Twitter, @thehoneypopInstagram, or Facebook. We will be doing our pre-pre-sale stretches and preparing our wallets in the meantime.

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