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This Summer Will Be ‘Dope’ Thanks To John Legend

This Summer Will Be ‘Dope’ Thanks To John Legend

Summer is almost upon us, and you know what that means? Summer music 😍 The season of sunshine always brings us amazing, fun, feel-good, and vibrant tracks to add to our playlists, perfect for those late-night summer drives. Windows down, of course. With the release of his new track ‘Dope,’ John Legend provides us with one of these feel-good summer tracks. That got us thinking, what other John Legend songs make for a summer vibe? Let’s dive in and see.

‘Dope’ ft. JID

Will we ever get over John Legend’s vocals? Hmm, not likely. And why would we? Do you hear them on this track? ‘Dope’ truly is a summer track. The beat makes us want to get up and dance. John Legend and JID are the combo we didn’t know we needed, they fit together perfectly on this track. So if we get to spend the summer with someone thinking, we’re as dope as John Legend does in this song, that’s a success in our book, tbh. Fun fact, Charlie Puth was one of the co-writers on this song! 

‘Love Me Now’

Lyrics aside, this song just sounds like summer. The vocals soar with the rise and fall of the chorus, and we can definitely picture ourselves singing along to this one on the freeway with our windows down. The music video is so sweet too, showcasing all sorts of love and relationships, including John Legend and his family! What better use of your summer than spending time with your loved ones?

‘Bigger Love’

John Legend is pretty legendary when it comes to crafting songs about love and falling in love. Summer loves, summer relationships, and the entire concept of falling in love for the summer got us thinking that ‘Bigger Love’ is a must include track on this list. It’s all about wanting to go all in and fall in love with someone and to have something special. The song itself also has a more upbeat vibe than John Legend’s slower romance-centered tracks, making a great pick for your summer playlist! And again, those vocals? Phew.

‘A Good Night’

Now, this is a track that absolutely screams summer. If we could bottle up the vibes of this song to carry around with us year round, we absolutely would. The beat makes you want to get up, and dance, and the whole song is carefree, vibrant, and just plain fun. The music is the same, and not only do we get John Legend’s stellar vocals, but we get to see some of his moves as well! If you want a ‘Good Night’ every night of your summer, this song will help you out. 

If you add any of these songs to your summer playlist we guarantee you’ll have the coolest (hottest?) summer playlist around 😎 Make sure you stream ‘Dope.’ John Legend did that for us, so show it some love!

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