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Turn That ‘frown’ Upside Down With mxmtoon’s rising

Turn That ‘frown’ Upside Down With mxmtoon’s rising


We’ve been waiting for this album since mxmtoon first announced it, and now that we finally have it, we don’t know what to do! Yes, that’s right honey bees, rising is finally here!

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Maia (aka mxmtoon) has been a very busy bee as of late. She has been on her North American tour, she released a track for the Webtoon series brass and sass, and just recently, she released her new album, rising. Now, if you’re here rn, it means you love mxmtoon as much as we do, and you’ve probably been patiently waiting for the album. Because as we all know, her previous album was released back in 2020, so it’s been some time!

Before the album’s release, we got to hear three tracks, ‘mona lisa,’ ‘sad disco,’ and ‘victim of nostalgia,’ and whew, did those tracks get us even more excited for rising?! (Spoiler – yes!) And we had every right to be because all 12 tracks turned out to be bops! The album revolves around getting older, and we think it’s the perfect album to release, especially for her and the age range of her fans (aka us). It was definitely worth the wait, and we’re very proud of Maia and her project. Dare we say it’s one of our fave album releases of 2022?

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Now that being said, we did have our favorites, the ones that stood out even more amongst the rest. So because we love giving you our opinions even when unwarranted, we wanna tell you our fave four tracks from the album, and hey, we may even have the same ones and can be friends? Anyways let’s get this show on the road!

‘victim of nostalgia’

“I miss dinner talks and walk / around the block with my mom”

‘victim of nostalgia’ is one of those tracks that can and will quickly become one of your guilty pleasure tracks. We were also going to try not to include the three previously released tracks, but we couldn’t do it. So we just had to include this track. The guitar opening, plus the first verse, is exactly why it’s on our list.

‘growing pains’

“Maybe we’re just like flowers startin’ down in the dirt”

We love this track for one big reason, its lyrics. The lyrics in ‘growing pains’ are what we all wish we could go back and tell our younger selves. It’s things you wish you knew when you were younger, but deep down, you know you only learn these things through experiences. We also love the inner monologue feel with the back and forth some verses have.

‘learn to love you’

“It’s all lookin’ up and I hope I get stuck in the clouds”

Our favorite thing about ‘learn to love you’ has to be the chorus, you know when everyone comes in to sing together? It’s just iconic, and an instant earworm. If you haven’t listened to it yet, well, go listen and come back to this. We really can’t believe that most of these tracks are only two minutes long, especially ‘learn to love you,’ which is probably our fave track on rising

‘dance (end of the world)’

“And if the wholе world’s burnin’, hold on closer to me”

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Dance bop, dance bop, dance bop! ‘dance (end of the world)’ is a nice little change-up, as this track is obviously a dance song. And what a dance track it is. We love that mxmtoon included it because, in all honesty, it caught us off guard, in a good way. We haven’t stopped dancing and singing along to the track since we first heard it.

Yeah, we’ll just be here with rising stuck on replay. Don’t forget to stream rising, here.

Gif Source: Tenor

So, what is your favorite song from mxmtoon’s rising? Let us know in the comments down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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