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5 Lyrics From Kang Daniel’s The Story That Wowed Us

5 Lyrics From Kang Daniel’s The Story That Wowed Us

Danity… Hello, long time no talk! We gathered here today to finally celebrate a new comeback by one of our favorite K-Pop soloists: the one, the only Kang Daniel. Our boy just dropped a new full studio album and we are in shock, in a good way of course. This comeback has been such a long time coming and we can’t believe The Story is finally here.

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Did it feel like Daniel was teasing this album for a century? Just us? Okay, well maybe we got a bit impatient there for a millisecond, but The Story was well worth the wait. From its teaser trailer to the teaser photos and finally the highlight medley, every arrow pointed to album of the year. And may we just say the man has delivered? No one like Kang Daniel. His artistry is truly unique.

Not only is ‘Upside Down’ a bop, but that pink/orange hair was invented for Daniel! The groove is absolutely real, summer can come. We are ready and dancing to Daniel’s music.

Psst, check out the amazing music video right here for ‘Upside Down!’

We missed this side of Kang Daniel – his previous Color series took us deep inside of Daniel’s brain and showed us all the dark sides to him, which he made sound like absolute bangers, by the way. The Story seems to mark a new beginning. Daniel has come into himself yet still struggles with who he wants to be, which is relatable if you ask us. Daniel has found his voice and it makes for a 10-track journey of top-notch quality music. The idol really knows how to tell a story.

Since we can’t get the title song ‘Upside Down’ out of our heads and we are obsessed with the album’s b-sides, we wanted to take a deeper dive into these songs. Kang Daniel‘s lyrics always speak to us on a deeper level, so join us while we share five lyrics from The Story that just had us awestruck!

‘The Story’

“Even if you fall, you should know
You gotta get up high up the sky
You gotta get high and spread your wings“

‘The Story’ opens up this masterpiece of an album and Daniel lets us know right away to stay hopeful. These lines resonated with us immediately. Yes, there is no way in life you do not fall down at least once, but it is important to know that after you fall, you will get up and might even fly higher than you believed possible. The song is an absolute jam as well, which doesn’t hurt, and the message makes it even better.

‘Don’t Tell’ Ft. Jessi

“I don’t need to say anything, don’t tell
Ah-yeah, ah-yeah
Drunk on our own music, don’t tell”

Did we pick this song because it is a ton of fun and super spicy? Yes! We can’t deny that we are huge fans of sexy Daniel, but he and Jessi make one hell of a team! ‘Don’t Tell’ was bound to be a jam of a song and it feels like this song impersonates an intoxicating love each of us aspires to experience at least once in our lives. We love being drunk on music, especially if it involves music about love! May we add that Jessi absolutely killed her part, and the Latin pop inspiration in this track makes it perfect for the summer!


“I could fall in love with you a thousand times
There’s nothing to be afraid of in you. I’m not afraid of you.
I’ll always be with you.
Forever your heart I will hold”

We had tears streaming down our faces even without looking at the lyrics of ‘1000x,’ that’s how powerful his voice is. But seeing the lyrics to ‘1000x’ just makes the song so much better. Kang Daniel invites us to listen to his absolutely stunning vocals with this song and it makes for such a nice slower track. (Is there a genre this boy can’t do?) However, the lyrics just make us want to find a love this pure and beautiful. Additionally, we hope Daniel knows Danity just loves him as much as he loves them.

‘Ride 4 U’

“Even if the seasons change
Always the same spot next to you
I’ll be standing next to you”

It seems like Daniel made it his mission to give us positive bops this time around, and ‘Ride 4 U’ is just a ton of fun and positive and feel-good all around. We are grooving, we are feeling those beats! Yes, king, preach! Honestly, we all want someone in our lives that would stand by our side no matter the season, through the good and bad times. Someone who will ride or die for us. One thing is for sure we know this is something Danity is willing to do for Daniel, and we hope he knows that!

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‘Mad’ Ft. Chancellor

“If you hate me, you’re the only one suffering.
So don’t be so mad”

As the last song, we had to go with the banger that is ‘Mad!’ Daniel teamed up with Chancellor for this anti-haters anthem and we love that it sounds so good. Not only is the song super catchy, but the lyrics, like those two lines we picked, say so much. It is no secret that our boy had to face a lot of hate during his career so far and he has dealt with it so maturely and we are so proud of him. This song is a message to his haters and people who hate in general. Why are you so mad? In the end, you are the only one suffering, what exactly do you gain? We really hope everyone starts loving themselves a bit more and spreads the love! We applaud Daniel for this amazing message and bop.

Honestly, there is nothing Kang Daniel can’t do and we are off listening to the album on repeat! Danity, come join us.

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What’s your favorite song from the album? How much did you miss our baby boy Daniel? What’s a lyric from The Story that wowed you? Let us know by commenting below, tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP, or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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