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GOT7 Has Got Our Backs With Their New Self-Titled Album

GOT7 Has Got Our Backs With Their New Self-Titled Album

Got7 Got Our Backs

OMG…guys…Ahgases…they did it. They really did it; GOT7 has returned, just like we said. After just over a year of solo projects and endeavors, our seven boys have returned home. We always knew in our hearts that they would. GOT7 has “got” our backs, you know… (See what we did there?) Not only did they come back, though, but they also did so on their own terms and in style. This new self-titled album is everything we could ever wish for. So let’s unpack this together!

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Got7 Got Our Backs
Image Source: Tenor

No Such Thing As Too Many ‘NANANA’s

We’re right, and you know it. You can never have too many ‘Nanana’s. GOT7 has plenty in their title track, ‘NANANA.’ The track is a cheeky love song with a chill/R&B vibe, which is a bit of a deviation from GOT7’s sound in their past albums. But we absolutely love it! The music video is colorful, bright, and fantasy-like, and it fits well with the dreamy aspect of ‘NANANA.’ How about we watch it together?

We can’t stop making heart eyes at this music video. All the boys are glowing, they look happy, and they’re having fun! The choreography is so cute, and it captures the GOT7 charm so well *cue more heart eyes*. The cheekiness mentioned above comes within the lyrics, which are just a tad suggestive, but GOT7 are big boys, and they’re independent. We’re not complaining 👀. Overall, this title track is definitely going onto our KPOP Essentials playlist because we have to celebrate GOT7’s triumphant return even more. Thank you, GOT7, for blessing us with this amazing song and music video. We love you!

Blueprint Of The B-Sides 👷

Here comes the part where we get to discuss and map out the side tracks on the new album. There are five other songs on the album: ‘Truth,’ ‘Drive Me To The Moon,’ ‘Two,’ ‘Don’t Care About Me,’ and ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone,’ respectively. Like the title track, the album as a whole also deviates from GOT7’s past sound and takes on a more R&B-infused pop sound. It’s refreshing to see them shift gears a bit since they became independent.

‘Truth’ And ‘Drive Me To The Moon’

The first track, ‘Truth,’ has Jay B on the credits as a writer, lyricist, and composer. It has a bit of a seductive and alluring vibe, and the music reflects that for sure. We also get to hear Jackson and Mark rapping here… a gift for us Ahgases! Next is ‘Drive Me To The Moon,’ and no, it doesn’t sound anything like Frank Sinatra’s ‘Fly Me To The Moon.’ Youngjae participated in all parts of creating this track, and we couldn’t be more thankful! This song is a certified bop, and it does have some more retroelements that we say give it its bop status. Definitely perfect if you find yourself taking a road trip to the moon 😉.

‘Two,’ ‘Don’t Care About Me,’ And ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’

The fourth track is titled ‘Two,’ which sees Yugyeom on the credits now, and it definitely has that “Yugyeom” sound that we all know and love. Once again, the lyrics can get a bit cheeky, but it seems to chronicle someone trying to forget an experience that was meant to be unforgettable. Possibly…a relationship? The melodies and instrumentation capture that mood pretty well. After that, we have ‘Don’t Care About Me,’ which has Yugyeom and Jinyoung on the credits this time. This track has a faster tempo than most of the songs on this album, making it perfect for dancing. We don’t know about you guys, but ‘DCAM’ has a bit of an angsty feel, right? We hope GOT7 is okay…

Lastly, we have ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone,’ which has Jay B returning in the credits. The album closer takes it back down to a more mellow vibe. Jay B says about ‘DLMA:’

The members’ soft vocals and that mellow vibe help deliver this sentimental song quite well. It’s safe to say that we will keep this song in our hearts until the end of time 🥹.

GOT7 + Ahgases 4Ever

Once again, we are beyond happy to have GOT7 back as a group. It’s definitely not easy to gather up like this when all of the members don’t operate out of the same country anymore or when they have solo schedules that may not align. Yet, GOT7 made it happen. We will ride this wave for as long as we can until their next group comeback. Of course, we’ll still be keeping up with the members’ solo projects. We hope you all do as well!

GOT7 Got Our Backs
Image Source: Tenor

So which track is your personal favorite? What did you think about the music video? Or perhaps you just want to cry with us about GOT7’s return? Please let us know, whether it be in the comments or on Twitter, @TheHoneyPopInstagram, or Facebook. There’s just so much to discuss!


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