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The 5 Phases CARATs Went Through While Watching The SEVENTEEN Highlight Medley

The 5 Phases CARATs Went Through While Watching The SEVENTEEN Highlight Medley

Welcome to your daily update of the SEVENTEEN-long-awaited-comeback by The Honey POP! It was not that long SEVENTEEN! You spoil us all the time. 💖 So, CARATs! Have you seen the Face The Sun highlight medley? What did you think of it? At The Honey POP, we listen to it every day, several times a day. We know it by heart. Every sequence of every track and every instrumental line is ingrained in us. No joke.

This teaser is the announcement of a ✨ Great Moment of Music ✨ to come. But it is cruel to have released such a good teaser! Because now the wait seems to us way too long!

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

For their fourth studio album, the act has seen things in big! In a word, the nine tracks are a pure delight! We saw you on social networks, CARATs! You too are completely convinced by what you heard on the medley!😉

And we understand you have gone through several phases of reaction as well. So, let’s break down everything we felt while watching the medley!

Before anything else, we advise you to watch the highlight medley as this will be our subject of study throughout the article. Here it is!

Let’s face it, it’s always a little stressful to listen to new music from a band we love. What if we don’t like it as much? But what’s so cool about SEVENTEEN is that we don’t have to be anxious about it because their work always pays off and the result is always amazing!

Our stress lasted two seconds because as soon as it started, it was heaven for sure! For more than six minutes, we were treated to inventive sounds and a very coherent whole! Result: we were completely excited! That’s the first point. Our excitment.

First phase: an incredible wave of uncontained excitement overwhelmed us!

The glimpse of ‘HOT’ nearly got us. We lost our mind all together. And it was great.

Second phase: we fell for an insane amount of cuteness.

Then, we put it back on from the beginning the highlight medley because it’s like we were under a spell. Of course we needed more! The reason is that we were completely caught up in the visuals. Didn’t know that it was legal to be that charming.

Third phase: we were clearly addicted!

Because we watched it a second time, we kept watching it. A third time. A fourth time. Then we stopped counting. Since then we listen to that medley as if it’s an actual song, some part are stuck in our heads… Some bits of songs stay in our heads and keep us awake at night.

We went ‘ash ash ash’ all day long.

Fourth phase: we started to have rainy eyes…

Again, Woozi has contributed to absolutely every song, writing and composing. In addition, Wonwoo participated in the writing of ‘Don Quixote,’ Mingyu in ‘Domino,’ S.COUPS, and Hoshi in ‘If You Leave Me.’ Finally, Dino wrote and composed ‘Shadow’ and Vernon ‘Ash.’ And, well, congrats SEVENTEEN for the emotions. The lyrics moved us.

Recently, our dear leader said: “I wish for your hearts to not feel too much hurt.” Do we need to grab a pack of tissues right now for the rest of the album? It’s okay, we will cry anyway. In fact, their honesty through music is what we love the most. We are grateful that they tell us their thoughts and what haunts them in their songs.

Last phase of our journey: our conclusion.

The question remains: which song of the highlight medley is our absolutly fav so far? Firstly, we have the choice between ‘Darling,’ their first single in English, that we do not present anymore because its chill quality is indisputable. This song is going to be amazing on tour!

After, there’s the future on-top-of-charts song ‘HOT,’ a hip-hop single full of passion and energy🔥. As for ‘Don Quixote,’ we absolutely all fell in love with Seungkwan’s angel voice singing “feeling like Don Quixote.” Later, ‘March’ and its rock influences made us feel “like a cowboy.”

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

Next tracks: the mood changes and we find lighter sounds. ‘Domino’ is pop and so much fun. It’s perfect, we have nothing to say. ‘Shadow’ is hyper powerful and intimate. Of course, we fell in love with the sounds immediately. Now, do we agree that ‘Bout You’ is fitting perfectly for The8? The ballad ‘If You Leave Me’ and its smooth harmonies will make us cry… Finally, ‘Ash’ is the perfect conclusion. Cheeky and hyper addictive, the trap beat sounds loop in our minds.

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Well, after all these emotions, some of us managed to stay coherent and decided on their favourite song.

Let’s wrap up this essay about the highlight medley. To sum up, even if the music sounds fresh and new, it’s obvious that is still SEVENTEEN’s style. The songs suit their voices so well and they take on absolutely every genre with freshness and ease. Congrats kings for improving your music without losing your identity.

It’s almost the day!

Finally, the end of this week is going to be very busy CARATs and our social life will probably be reduced to… hum well… nothing? The band will celebrate its seventh birthday on the 26th. And the next day, it will be the release day of Face The Sun. Here’s the key information to get you ready for the comeback! Grab your CARAT Bong and prepare yourself because it’s coming!

Who? The best band in the world.

When? May 27.

What time? 1PM KST/0AM ET/6AM CEST.

Will it be worth it? Totally. Absolutely. Without any doubt. It will be the best comeback of the year.

And to enjoy the first live versions and the great performances that accompany them, watch their comeback show which will be the next day (7PM KST/6AM ET/12AM CEST)! Even if we still haven’t recovered from Attacca‘s comeback show (especially ‘Crush’ and ‘To You’), we can’t wait to see what SEVENTEEN has prepared for us! A new era is coming (and by the way, do you know which SEVENTEEN era you belong in?)

Which song are you dying to hear? Is there any song that caught your attention? Tell us by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!

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