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4 Songs By VANNER Your Playlist Needs!

4 Songs By VANNER Your Playlist Needs!


Guess who’s back with more K-POP content? That’s right, it’s your favorite pop culture magazine team at THP! This time, you’re in for a treat because we’ll be talking about the talented, charismatic K-pop group known as VANNER, who just so happens to have finished their second U.S. tour last month. Anyway, enough introductions because here are four incredible songs by VANNER your playlist needs and that you may be missing out on!

Ready? Let’s roll into it (pun intended- if you know, you know)! 

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You saw this one coming, didn’t you, VVS? Fun fact, this is one of the first songs by VANNER that we listened to. As you guys know, once you get into K-POP, it’s impossible to get out because you’ll end up stanning five+ groups, haha.

‘FORM’ is a MUST have on your playlist for those of you who like to exercise because it’s a song bursting with energy. We’re serious! Within the first five seconds, you’ll be really pumped up. Not only that, but can we take a moment to appreciate the music video?! The production, the concept, the vocals, and the choreography were all on point!

‘Like A Star’

Next up, we have ‘Like A Star,’ and let’s just say that this is our song! So now that summer’s here, we’ll be blasting this song on our headphones as we walk down the beach on a sunny day.

We love the harmonies in this masterpiece! And the raps just blend in so well with the rest of the song! ‘Like A Star’ has such a chill vibe, and it’s one of those songs that you can sway to with your eyes closed while singing (or attempting to sing because we definitely need some lessons, haha). Just know that when you listen to this song, you’ll need a box of tissues in case you get a bit emotional, especially if you decide to read the beautiful lyrics.


Picture this: You’re walking down the street after surviving a zombie apocalypse while ‘PURGE DAY’ plays in the background. Not to mention, the song has sirens, which further justifies our vision. It’s literally called ‘PURGE DAY’ for a reason! If you haven’t heard this song live, you need to see VANNER perform it next time they do a tour! Not SHOULD, NEED. Not to be dramatic, but if you don’t, you’ll be missing out on an awesome performance. 


“Do you wanna love me? ‘Cuz I wanna love you more.” Guys, we knew VANNER’s songs were addictive, but nobody warned us about these specific lyrics being stuck in our head after listening to ‘Rollin.’ We even had it on loop at one point because it’s just that catchy!

We don’t know about you guys, but we think ‘Rollin’ is the PERFECT summer song. The visuals, the bright, pastel colors, the music video, the outfits, the fun choreography, everything about this song gives off positive vibes. Honestly, this is our daily serotonin boost because the music video instantly puts a smile on our faces.

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On another note, who else is trying to master the whistle at the beginning of the song? If you have any tips, let a fellow VVS know, lol. 

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be streaming all of VANNER’s songs because they are extremely talented and deserve to be known worldwide.

Well VVS, that’s all for today. It’s time to roll out of here (get it? Lol- we just love puns), unfortunately. We know we missed hits like ‘Crying,’ ‘LACHATA,’ ‘Crazy Love,’ and many more, but if you would like us to make a part two or release more K-POP content, tweet us at @thehoneypop! For the latest pop culture buzz, check us out on Instagram as well.

Image Source: TENOR 


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