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Lightsum Makes Us Feel ’ALIVE’ With First Mini-Album

Lightsum Makes Us Feel ’ALIVE’ With First Mini-Album

Lightsum Makes Us Feel Alive

School is in session, Sumits! Take your seats, because Lightsum has returned with their first mini-album, Into The Light, and it makes us feel ’ALIVE!’ We could not be more excited as this girl group gets to show us all their remarkable talent! You’re gonna wanna keep an eye on this presentation and follow along, because you won’t regret it. Alright! Open your books to chapter 1, please, let’s get started!

Class Has Begun: ‘ALIVE’ 🧑‍🏫

From ‘Vanilla’ to ‘Vivace’ to ‘ALIVE,’ Lightsum has kept us on our toes! ‘ALIVE’ gives Lightsum a bit of a new sound, as the track is written and produced by GALACTIKA, who is responsible for ITZY’s ‘Dalla Dalla,’ ‘WANNABE,’ and ‘LOCO.’ So it makes perfect sense why this track is so good. The song is about a crush that makes Lightsum “feel alive” and makes their “heart like a rainbow.” ‘ALIVE’ beautifully showcases all the members’ vocals and rap talents, it’s like a lovely symphony every time we listen to the song. The music video is also spectacular too. Let’s watch it!

We love a good school concept! Lightsum makes it their own with a distinct color scheme (you guys see lots of yellow, too, right?) and a slightly edgier style. The video is vibrant and, just like their hearts, is like a rainbow. Lightsum takes us through several different locations throughout their school: the hallway, the classroom, the front office, the library, the darkroom, the cafeteria, the bathroom, and the gymnasium. We see many colorful balloons fill the school about halfway through the video, and the Lightsum girls all freeze. They’re only able to move again once a balloon near them pops, and confetti comes out!

The choreography is fun and bouncy, matching perfectly with the vibe of the song. Lightsum shows their incredible performance skills, and wow, they nailed it! We even get a dance break that is sure to set the stage on fire 🔥. Every member gets their time to shine and we’re so proud *happy tears*. Lightsum has proven that they are the queen bees of the school.

Into The Light 101: The Side Tracks

Since this is a mini-album, there are only four other tracks: ‘i,’ ‘Good News,’ ‘Q,’ and ‘Bye Bye Love.’ Each one of them is pretty great in our opinion, but let’s delve into them even more.

Chapter 2: ‘i’

‘i’ is also an upbeat dance track with a quick tempo that’s lowkey perfect for the club. GALACTIKA worked on this track as well, and can we just say: they know how to make hits. We get to hear the Lightsum girls execute pleasant little riffs throughout the song, and we just keep “falling and falling” in love with their vocals. One thing is for sure, we’d love to see this performed live… like, with choreography and everything. We’ll wait, Lightsum!

Chapter 3: ‘Good News’

We all love hearing ‘Good News,’ that’s a fact. Oh, we mean the song in this instance, not real “good news.” This track slows it down just a bit, but we’re still bopping our heads to it. Surprise, surprise, this song also had GALACTIKA on the credits! We noticed a couple of things that we loved about this song: it has a strong bassline, stacked harmonies, adlibs, a spunky melodic rap verse, and a spectacular high note. Go off, Chowon! Overall, this is a fun and catchy song to listen to. ‘Good News’ puts us in a good mood.

Chapter 4: ‘Q’

Q from The Boyz, what are you doing here? Just kidding! But in all seriousness, ‘Q’ is a bit more of a sassy track, and it has a strong instrumental backing up Lightsum. The rap verses have attitude and the vocals are charming, making this song all the more fun to listen to. We caught another space that could be used for a dance break… so maybe the girls will perform this live. We just have to say that this is the rap line’s song, they absolutely ate on ‘Q.’ We’d love to hear more tracks like these in the future!

Chapter 5: ‘Bye Bye Love’

To conclude Into The Light, we have a vocal-heavy, pretty song: ‘Bye Bye Love.’ It’s a bit deceptive because it is about letting go of someone you love – hence the title, ’Bye Bye Love’ – but it sounds more on the upbeat side. Since this track is quite vocal-focused, we get to hear the rappers sing as well, and they did amazing! We do get that sentimental vibe from the song, and we’d love to give Lightsum all big hugs. The production of this song complements Lightsum’s vocals quite well, and like ’Q,’ we hope to hear more like this from the girls. *chef’s kiss*

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Epilogue: Lightsum On Repeat

We absolutely love this comeback, Lightsum did not come to play! This album just has all the positive and feel-good vibes that we’ve been needing lately, so thank you Lightsum! We’re so excited to see what else you have in store; we at The Honey POP are rooting for you.

Sumits, now we’d love to hear from you! What did you like about the ‘ALIVE’ music video? Which track on Into The Light did you like the best? Which b-side would you like for Lightsum to perform live? You can tell us in the comments or on Twitter @TheHoneyPopInstagram, or Facebook. Until next time!

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