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Our Top 10 Harry Styles Fits To Celebrate 10 New Love On Tour Dates

Our Top 10 Harry Styles Fits To Celebrate 10 New Love On Tour Dates

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Harry Styles (aka the king of our hearts) has released his third studio album, Harry’s House! And you may be aware that he’s taking his new album on the road with Harry Styles Love on Tour 2022. But we have some news for you; Harry heard our desperate cries and added ten more dates! To celebrate ten new tour dates, we’re breaking down our top ten Harry Styles fits. Let’s do this BFFs.

Live On Tour, Los Angeles Night 2

Image Source: chasm2018

We are obsessed with this look from 2018. Harry said marching band but make it ✨fashion✨. He looked super dapper in this bedazzled jacket and matching pants. This is a marching band we would very much like to join!

Harry Styles Love on Tour NYC 2021

Image Source: @NikkiMarie.jpg

First of all, that jacket is a need, not a want. Look at those sleeves! They’re magnificent. Look at him. Harry decided that he was going to go understated with this look but in the most extra way possible. He also decided to forgo a shirt, as he should tbh. His iconic butterfly tattoo is on display for all of us to see and we appreciate it Harry, we really do. Thank you sincerely.

Live on Tour Orlando, FL

Image Source: @hgoldens via Twitter

We love this (cool) baby blue outfit Harry rocked in Orlando! The whole thing is perfect, from the floral shirt, the suspenders, his hair… it’s perfect. When we saw this, it gave us such happy ocean vibes… head over heels in love with this.

Live on Tour Glasgow

Image Source: Wattie Cheung Photography

Harry Styles never goes halfway, does he? When in Scotland, wear a kilt! We love this kinda punk-rock kilt. The little suit jacket- it’s MWAH perfection.

Harryween Night 1 NY

Image Source: @BrookePhotoEdit via Twitter

We can’t write an article about iconic Harry Styles fits without talking about Harryween. We are totally in love with this Dorothy costume, complete with a huge bow and the ruby slippers! Absolutely iconic.

Harry Styles Love on Tour Nashville

Image Source: BrookePhotoEdit

Mr. Styles looked pretty in pink in this gorgeous sparkly baby pink suit. We love the garland! Floral king. We love a glitter moment. This is the suit of our dreams… actually Harry where did you get that? We want it. Thanks, bestie 🥰.

Harry Styles Love on Tour Las Vegas

Image Source: Amy Marie Photography

Fringe! We love this hot pink look. Harry looks like a hot pink disco ball and we are living for it. He’s giving ‘Watermelon Sugar,’ he’s giving summer, he’s giving fun, we are screaming, crying, throwing up, multitasking 🥺.

Love on Tour Inglewood CA

Image Source: Satellitehs via Pinterest

This green moment is everything. Harry looks like a little leprechaun and we are obsessed. We love the vest, we love the gorgeous deep green color, we just love everything about this. Also, once again, Mr. Styles, we want that vest. Link please, thank you.

Coachella 2022

Image Source: Harry Lambert via Instagram

This Coachella look was so good. The sequins, the deep scoop neck, it’s so retro and cool. The vibes of this whole look were absolutely everything. Also, again Mr. Styles, we need this, please. Harry was rocking so hard in this look and we stan.

Love on Tour St Louis

Image Source: @xorainbowlouis

This orange fit is e v e r y t h i n g!! It’s so vibrant and exciting! We love the feather boa and the silk shirt, everything about this. It’s amazing.

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Image Source: Harry Styles


So here are our top ten Harry Styles outfits to celebrate ten new tour dates! You can get tickets here.

Did you agree with our list? Which outfit is your favorite? Tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, or message us on Facebook or Instagram! Also, don’t forget to join our Discord server, The Hive, where we can talk about our savior Harry Styles for hours!


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