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Alexander 23 Touches On ‘The Hardest Part’ Of Grief

Alexander 23 Touches On ‘The Hardest Part’ Of Grief

Alexander 23 released his new single ‘The Hardest Part’ today and we are absolutely blown away by the beauty and heartbreak wrapped up in this track.

Content Warning: Full disclosure, this article will touch on topics like the loss of a loved one and grief. If that’s something that’s heavy right now, that’s okay. We see you and we love you ❤️

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It’s no secret that Alexander 23 has a way with words. He always manages to capture feelings in his songs in a way that hits you right in the heartstrings. If you find us lying on the floor and crying about life, chances are Alexander 23 is on in the background. ‘The Hardest Part’ is no exception. This song is vulnerable in a way that we haven’t seen before from Alexander 23, who has no problem being vulnerable in his music, mind you. ‘The Hardest Part’ is a song about loss and about the grief, the heartbreak, and the reminiscing that comes with loss.

Alexander 23 – ‘The Hardest Part’

In all honesty, this song really connected with some of us here at THP who relate to these feelings and who have struggled with the loss of someone that meant something to us. Did we cry the first time we listened to it? You bet we did. And then we continued to listen to it after that.

Music has a beautiful way of bringing us closer to people and helping us heal from things. Alexander 23’s ‘The Hardest Part’ is a way for so many people to have their feelings shared and heard and we think it’s absolutely beautiful. Major props to Alexander for this track ❤️

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A Way With Words

We thought it might be nice to share some of the lyrics from this song that hit us the hardest and we hope ‘The Hardest Part’ brings you some comfort the way it did for us.

“I guess the hardest part of getting old is that some people that you love don’t”

Sometimes it’s the simplest phrases that hit you the hardest. When it comes to losing a loved one, that moment of realizing that they’re gone and that you’re going to move forward through your life without them can be hard and that’s what this line encapsulates so well.

“My mom’s friends with your mother/Catching up is never gonna be the same”

Moving on from loss means that everything is different. The relationships and conversations are always going to be different and that person’s presence is always going to be felt differently. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be bad, but it’s definitely hard and it can be something you find yourself thinking about.

“I wish I would’ve tried harder to stay in touch/I thought we had more time/too busy growing up”

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The nature of life is that we always wish we would’ve done more, especially in a case like this. When you lose someone, you might find yourself slipping into thoughts about sending that message or telling them that one last thing or just catching up more. We’re in no way professionals when it comes to grief but from our own experiences, we’ve found that these thoughts are normal. We’re all only human after all.

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Now that we’ve thoroughly had our hearts turned into mush by Alexander 23’s ‘The Hardest Part,’ we will be listening to it on repeat. Whether you can relate to it or not, it’s a beautiful song and worth the listen for sure.

Let us know your thoughts on this new track or anything Alexander 23 by leaving a comment below or hitting us up on Twitter or our other socials.

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