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‘Darl+ing,’ It’s Time To Face The Sun With SEVENTEEN

‘Darl+ing,’ It’s Time To Face The Sun With SEVENTEEN


Honey Poppers and fellow Carats, we finally have SEVENTEEN‘s newest album, Face the Sun! Like, it’s really here! Finally, we have it in our hands! We have it on our phones! Whew, okay, we need to chill!

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BTW, you know, we love ‘Darl+ing’ very, very much, we even broke down its theories, but we don’t want to spend too much time gushing about it because we’ll be here all day, so check out our review on the track! And don’t forget to watch the beautiful track down below.

Is It Getting Hot In Here

Y’all, we were very unprepared for what ‘HOT’ had in store for us! We mean both in the MV and track. We know SEVENTEEN said this track was going to be different, and oh boy, were they right! ‘HOT’ really gave us everything. It gave us vocals, visuals, explosions, fire, and banging outfits. Like there is really nothing we don’t love about the track. What is there even to say? It really surprised us, the western opening leading into an EDM track, like what? Plus, it was a great opener and title track for a new beginning and new chapter for SEVENTEEN. So please, check out the MV down below, but make sure you prepare yourself. This, is a wild one.


SEVENTEEN, what have you done this time? Face the Sun, really did bring the heat, and we’re not even complaining. With nine tracks, the album brought us a new SEVENTEEN sound, and oh gosh, we’re in love. We’re not even exaggerating. Each track brought something new but at the same time still kept the same theme. We can tell SEVENTEEN went all in because the tracks from start to finish went perfectly not only with the album as a whole but with the names of the tracks. And can we talk about the vocals? Let us, please, talk about the vocals. We hope SVT knows that they crushed it. If you wanna hear great soft vocals, we recommend checking out ‘IF you leave me.’

Face The Sun
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We listened to the album in order to get the full effect, and we are so glad we did. It really helped pull us into the album and helped us pick which tracks were our favorites. Of course, we don’t like picking favorites, but we still do, oops. So, here are some of our faves from the album!


The piano run in ‘Domino’ was brilliant. It’s such a small part, but it really pulls the song together, and we’re also obsessed with it. The countdown leading into the “domino falling” sound really scratches something in our brains. The track also has an anti-drop, and we know you all love that.

”bout you’

Y’all, the harmonies in this track were absolutely killer. We’re not even joking in the slightest. Think about every SVT track where you’re like, “Oh my god, they’re mixing their voices together, they sound so beautiful,” and throw it out the window because ”bout you,’ tops all of them. Also, the beat,


What’s your favorite track off of Face the Sun? It’s ‘DON QUIXOTE,’ isn’t it? If you said yes, then same! We were looking forward to this track the most when we heard the highlight melody, and we had every right to. It’s so freaking catchy, and we feel like we should be setting off on an adventure. And yes, we will only be answering to the name ‘DON QUIXOTE.’ 

jun seventeen Face The Sun
Gif Source: Tenor

This has got to be our favorite comeback SEVENTEEN has had as of yet. We love saying “as of yet” because we know, that you know, that we know, that SEVENTEEN continues to up themselves every comeback. And also because ya know, SEVENTEEN renewed their contracts 🥳. BTW we highly recommend, between streaming the MV and tracks, that you check out their 7th-anniversary video, ‘Chapter7:teen.’ As they’re candid about a lot of things, including renewing their contracts. There are also really cute stories, and all in all, it made our hearts very full. So Carats, happy SEVENTEEN comeback day, and happy 7th anniversary SEVENTEEN.

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Stream Face the Sun here!

So….What did you think about Face the Sun? Is It AOTY? We think so. Let us know in the comments down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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