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Little Luna Brings Us To A State Of Peace With Debut EP through the self

Little Luna Brings Us To A State Of Peace With Debut EP through the self

Need to spruce up your playlist this summer? Have no fear; Little Luna is here! She’s one of our favorite rising stars at THP and her debut EP through the self is finally here!

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The indie artist captured our attention not too long ago with her self-reflective single, ‘the glass,’ which we’ve repeatedly been playing since it was released. Her six-song EP, through the self, continues Little Luna’s message of advocating wellness and self-reflection.

through the self is a phrase that came to me in meditation when I was creating my vision board for 2021!… I’ve unlocked something within myself by going on this adventure, and my greatest hope is that you as the listener would unlock something within you, as well. There are five songs, and the 6th is a guided meditation track, ‘forest,’ where messages will come to you. You are allowed to change, and you are allowed to be you.”

Little Luna on her inspiration behind through the self

To celebrate the release of through the self, let’s break down each track!

‘last time’ Feat. Josh Fudge

The EP’s opener is a soft-rock-inspired track and sets the tone for through the self. In Little Luna fashion, ‘last time’ talks about peeling off a layer of oneself and telling listeners that it’s okay to remove a layer of ourselves without a plan. The chorus is full of catchy lyrics that can serve as an inspiration for those going through change and self-reflection. “Shedding my skin/ Versions of me unraveling/ Talking to the good girl I’ve been/ For the last time, for the last time.”

‘under the wave’

This next track has quickly become a favorite here at THP. ‘under the wave’ carries a curious undertone with the musical cues throughout the track and lyrics calling for listeners to “dive into” her mind. The song focuses on Little Luna not being afraid to drift into another headspace and disassociating with the world when needed. Fun fact: Little Luna co-wrote ‘under the wave’ alongside Sierra Deaton and Matthew Pauling.

‘the glass’

This next track holds a special place in our hearts here at THP. ‘the glass’ was the song that introduced us to the lovely sounds of Little Luna, and here we are celebrating the release of her EP. The third track on through the self is all about introspection, the reflective nature we all have as humans, and that it’s okay to embrace our flaws.


The fourth track from through the self reflects on a past relationship. ‘thief’ starts with a soft guitar arrangement before adding booming drums, evolving into a more hopeful track. Lyrically, this track demonstrates Little Luna’s songwriting and storytelling talents as she writes about feeling drained in a relationship that has turned toxic, calling that person more than a thief.


Little Luna knew what she was doing when deciding to add ‘roads’ to through the self. Even if you are not going through change, this song makes you feel so many emotions. In ‘roads,’ Little Luna talks about how while life may have set pathways or roads, it doesn’t mean we have to take them. She reassures listeners that it’s okay to steer away from those paths that are just suggestions.

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Closing out the EP is a 25-minute guided meditation led by Little Luna. This is a nod to the indie artist’s past occupation of being a yoga instructor and the theme of through the self. The guided meditation is a calming experience, and Little Luna’s voice alongside the background music will have you embracing the moment. If you have never meditated before or want to try it out, ‘forest’ is the perfect way to start. Just saying this is the most creative and peaceful way to close out an EP!

We don’t know about you, but we’re going to be streaming through the self until the end of time—if that’s possible. Be sure to catch Little Luna live supporting our fav Aussies, 5 Seconds of Summer, in Los Angeles on June 16 and 17!

What’s your favorite song from through the self? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP. Also, check us out on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on all things pop culture.


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