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THE BOYZ Perfect Their Discography With SHE’S THE BOSS

THE BOYZ Perfect Their Discography With SHE’S THE BOSS

The Boyz always go above and beyond to make their Japanese releases unique from everything else and stand out in their discography, and SHE’S THE BOSS is no different. The title track is bold and unforgettable, and the b-sides are addictive, to say the least. While The Boyz go on their world tour, we’ll be here looping these brand new amazing songs over and over again.

Image source: IST Entertainment

The Title Track

‘SHE’S THE BOSS’ is a bold and jarring song to say the least. It’s the type of song no one but The Boyz could pull off with those hard, obscure and intriguing verses, mixed with a delicate pre-chorus and chorus inspired by 90s boyband and RnB. The sweet vocals clash totally with the addictive harsh refrain that will get stuck in your head whether you want it or not.

The music video displays the members in amazing styling as they take on a choreography that, well, only The Boyz could do. The visuals are incredible as always and the concept is killer as usual. They truly never miss in a single detail of their releases, and that includes the b-sides.

The B-sides

The Boyz have a very diverse discography, but in SHE’S THE BOSS they truly embraced their RnB side. ‘Toxic Love’ and ‘Why Why Why’ are probably the songs more influenced by pop in the EP. While ‘Toxic Love’ has some dark vibes mixed with bright pop melodies, ‘Why Why Why’ has more of a retro feel with its bass and addictive chorus – a definite highlight that you shouldn’t miss out on. Both songs can only be described as absolute bops. The bridge in ‘Toxic Love’ is immaculate, and the drop in ‘Why Why Why’ is everything.

‘Don’t Cry’ is quite literally the perfect RnB ballad – it feels taken right out of the 90s with its chill vibe, melodies and vocals. Meanwhile, ‘One Dance’ is a brighter feel-good song. It feels sweet and fun. And again, those RnB vibes are just chef kiss. The closing track, ‘ALWAYS BE TOGETHER,’ is no different. The EP closes off with a truly sweat and comforting song. It feels bright and hopeful, and lowkey like a hug. It’s the perfect way to wrap up such an incredible release. Then again, it’s no surprise: The Boyz never miss in any of their releases.

Image source: IST Entertainment

Is ‘SHE’S THE BOSS’ your favorite The Boyz’s Japanese title track? What’s your favorite b-side in SHE’S THE BOSS? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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