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Explore The Realms Of Love With These 3 New Pop Songs

Explore The Realms Of Love With These 3 New Pop Songs

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We at The Honey POP enjoy listening to new music by our favorite artists, making waves in the industry, and discovering rising musicians from all over the world who have a lot to offer the world creatively and sonically.

This week, these musical delights by Meg Mac, Sam Smith, and Sangstaa blew our minds as they commemorate the feeling of love, and you know, we love “love.” We celebrate love in all its manifestations, from romantic love to unrequited love to the journey of self-love.

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Whether you’re curating or updating your playlist or just want to jam on to these new stellar love-inspired songs, we’re sure that these infectious and soulful new music releases will do wonders and get you grooving immediately.

And if you are in the mood for a party this weekend, we are sure you will love these music collaborations and get entertained by Martin Garrix, Zedd, Cardi B, SZA, Summer Walker, Wiz Khalifa, Sebastián Yatra, John Legend, and many more. Enjoy!

‘Only Love’ – Meg Mac

Australian songstress Meg Mac soared into prominence with her magnificent third single of the year, ‘Only Love.’ She ascended to success with her heartfelt and hypnotic soundscapes, lush, immaculate vocals, and gracefully weaving subliminal messages within poignant lyrics.

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Meg’s guitar-laden song ‘Only Love’ offers a glimpse of her thoughts, adorned with provoking lyrics and glistening with breathtaking harmonies and pulsating rhythms that will have you bopping your head and tapping your feet.

She muses over the enthralling chorus that yearns for love and will tug at your heartstrings: “Would I do it again/ Oh yes, I’d do it again/ Is it worth all the noise/ Is it worth all the pain/ I would do it again/ Oh yes, I’d do it again/ At the end of the day/ It’ll hurt just the same.” This song captures her introspective journey, and her sentiments and expressions will leave you moved.

It feels like my calling, my purpose [and] my happiness, but it’s driving me crazy and the root of all my troubles. How can it be the source of my best and worst moments?

Meg Mac on ‘Only Love’

Meg Mac collaborated with visual artist Tim Georgeson for the accompanying monochromatic music video for ‘Only Love.’ It is a spectacular cinematic feast for your eyes as we follow Meg Mac in the wilderness, exploring picturesque lands in a quest for her true self, metaphorically illustrating her journey through life. The video is conceptually stunning and artistically appealing, depicting the vivid skies, thunderous storms, and trekking over dunes in the sun, and features Meg Mac wandering and longing for things that seem far from the reach.

Meg Mac is currently on tour around Australia. Get your tickets here.

Image Source: Meg Mac Official Website

‘Dear Rosé’ – Sangstaa

Sangstaa, the Asian-American rapper, singer, and producer, released his latest single, ‘Dear Rosé,’ which has us spellbound, and we cannot stop listening to it. The single opens with bright acoustic guitar riffs and evolves into a magnificent indie-pop production, adorned with earworm melodies, passionate desire, and tender vocals, all mounting to whirlwind synths and sounds that immediately captivated our hearts.

Image Source: Sangstaa Press

Sangstaa has made a reputation for himself with his distinctive fusion sound, creative flair, and natural artistry. He’s growing increasingly adventurous and imaginative with new music, expanding his horizons and delving into diverse genres while employing various recording techniques.

Inspired by his recent heartbreak, the song delves into themes of love, grief, and passion, while reminiscing about his ex-lover and baring himself to the world in this love letter. The lyrics depict an emotional story about a young lad still in love with his ex, but they aren’t together. Don’t lie to us; you know how it feels, right? Sure, we do too.

“Can we just talk/ Can we just talk it out/ What are you mad about/ Tell me to turn around”

‘Love Me More’ – Sam Smith

The globally renowned multi-platinum singer-songwriter Sam Smith recently released an intimate acoustic rendition of the iconic song, ‘Love Me More,’ which astounded us and was nothing short of exceptional. It’s a magnificent, heart-stirring anthem that tugged at our heartstrings and swept us off our feet.

“I used to cry / Myself to sleep at night /
I’d blame the sky / When the mess was in my mind.”

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With the lyrics engraved in our minds and seeped into our hearts, this song feels like home, and it gives us strength and a shoulder to lean on. It feels cathartic, like a warm blanket enveloping you on a snowy winter day with a hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows. It would resonate with anyone on a quest for self-discovery, self-love, and happiness with its honest narrative of the singer.

I wrote this song for anyone who feels different, anyone who has to stop themselves every day from saying unkind things to themselves, in their head, all the time. I felt like that for the longest time and slowly I’m learning how to just be nice to myself. I wanted to share that because I captured it in this song. Over the last two years, music has been my therapy more than ever. So I hope this song can be your friend.

Sam Smith on ‘Love Me More’

Sam Smith is a lyrical genius and created this emotional masterpiece with ‘Love Me More,’ and we salute them for this. This track is one of their best works so far and unfolds a refreshingly new musical chapter we cannot wait for. Like their entire discography, we are sure that it will blow our minds all over again. If you don’t believe us, listen to ‘Love Me More’ below to see what all the hype is about!

Listen to ‘Love Me More (Acoustic)’ here!

Did you enjoy any of these new love singles that uplifted your spirits? Which song is your favorite and what are you currently listening to? Share your thoughts and recommendations with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPopFacebook, or connect with us on Instagram.

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