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BOOK REVIEW: The German Wife By Kelly Rimmer

BOOK REVIEW: The German Wife By Kelly Rimmer

We love a good reading. That’s no secret! Everyone at THP jumps off their seat or almost loses their footing when the opportunity to review a new book suddenly appears. “Oh, happy days!” So, once this title landed on our radar, we made a beeline to start the magical process. Our first impression: The German Wife by Kelly Rimmer is, without a doubt, one of our most memorable discoveries! Every second spent in this book’s company made for a deeply moving journey back in time. But before we dive into the thick of this book review… Ready some tissues, find your favorite comfy reading refuge, and set your phone to “do not disturb” mode. Kelly Rimmer will soon be the sole company you need.

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About The German Wife

Summary: The New York Times bestselling author of The Warsaw Orphan returns with a gripping novel inspired by the true story of Operation Paperclip: a controversial secret US intelligence program that employed former Nazis after WWII.
Berlin, Germany, 1930—When the Nazis rise to power, Sofie von Meyer Rhodes and her academic husband benefit from the military ambitions of Germany’s newly elected chancellor when Jürgen is offered a high-level position in their burgeoning rocket program. Although they fiercely oppose Hitler’s radical views, and joining his ranks is unthinkable, it soon becomes clear that if Jürgen does not accept the job, their income will be taken away. Then their children. And then their lives.
Huntsville, Alabama, 1950—Twenty years later, Jürgen is one of many German scientists pardoned and granted a position in America’s space program. For Sofie, this is a chance to leave the horrors of her past behind. But when rumors about the Rhodes family’s affiliation with the Nazi party spread among her new American neighbors, idle gossip turns to bitter rage, and the act of violence that results tears apart a family and leaves the community wondering—is it an act of vengeance or justice?

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Content Warnings: This book is a work of fiction that takes place during the traumatic events of the Second World War and its aftermath. It discusses life during the war, loss, political and social persecution, racism, mental health issues, PTSD, and violence.

Overall Opinion… This Ain’t Just Another Lifelike Historical Fiction

This book displays some top-notch level writing. Not only has Kelly Rimmer done an impeccable job at creating a spellbinding plot, but she managed to subtly challenge the reader into finishing the book in one seating. So, mind you, there’s a good chance once you start, there’ll be no stopping till the finish lines. The flawless build-up and compelling storytelling are at the core, but more than that, The German Wife wins with its triggering style. It did leave us feeling raw and affected at times. Still, when covering a story such as this, as a reader we’ve come prepared.

POV: Style Meets Memorable Characters

Kelly Rimmer aces the narrative style, giving us two powerful female voices to carry the weight of the plot. By doing so, she allows us to travel back in time and space with ease. And it’s certainly note-worthy the majestic spin on leaving the male characters and technical aspects of war to take the back seat. So, The German Wife gives way to a more poignant register of events, never lacking in descriptions and emotional interactions. We’ve relished in having two women, vastly different in personality and background, let us in their vivid human journeys. And they bare it all… The struggles, fear, love, friendship, change, cultural shock, parenting, and family, among others. 

Operation Kelly Rimmer: An Attempt At Raising The Right Questions

The German Wife transformed us. The journey that Kelly Rimmer invites us on is not gentle and definitely not innocent. We find ourselves confronted with questions that feel all very important these days. And that’s the genius of this book! We tremble at the twists and turns of this historical fiction, and when all is said and done, we still have reality to face. Kelly Rimmer did her homework. She studied, she planned her script and, in the end, she created a must-read masterpiece.

And now it’s your turn… Will you pay heed to our recommendation and read through this work of art? We can’t wait to discuss this book further with you! Remember The German Wife by Kelly Rimmer is out June 28th and is available for preorder here!

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