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ONEUS Has Revealed Their Hand With Trickster

ONEUS Has Revealed Their Hand With Trickster

Oneus Reveals Hand Trickster

After an excruciatingly long game, Oneus has finally revealed their hand with their new EP, Trickster. It seems that in this fierce showdown, they were playing the “trickster” themselves, pretending like they had a bad hand. But, in an interesting turn of events, they have shown us that this album is a royal flush. Oneus has won the game! Pass them their chips, please!

So what exactly was in this royal flush they’ve presented to us? Let’s take a look!

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The 10 of Spades: The Music Video

From beginning to end, the music video for ‘Bring It On’ was a cinematic masterpiece. The visuals were insane, the members looked stunning, the story was fascinating and, of course, the song is a banger. How did Oneus come up with all of this? We’re impressed, to say the least. This is a music video to certainly remember.

The Jack of Spades: The Title Track

Speaking of ‘Bring It On,’ as we said before: the song is a banger. We won’t go into too much detail since we discuss it more in our comeback review, but we do have to take a minute to appreciate it for everything that it is. The rap verses are all immaculate, as expected; the vocals take your breath away; the melody is catchy. We honestly believe it when Oneus says they want us to “bring it on.” This title track is a great representation of the album.

The Queen of Spades: The Side Tracks

Of course, to accompany the title track, we have wonderful side-tracks with their own colors and vibes. We also got a dope intro from them (which we talk about in our comeback review), so maybe we’re winning too! The list includes, ‘Intro: Who Got The Joker?,’ ‘Skydivin’,’ ‘Firebomb,’ ‘Fragile,’ and ‘Mr. Wolf.’ We also have an English version of ‘Bring It On’ too, but that’s not really a side-track. It appears that ‘Mr. Wolf’ and ‘Intro: Who Got The Joker?’ are fan favorites because they have the second and third most streams on Spotify, respectively 👀. Oneus always delivers.

The King of Spades: The Credits

Tomoons already know that some Oneus members are quite involved with their music. Ravn tends to take on most of it, so it’s no surprise to discover that he helped write six out of seven of the Trickster tracks! Additionally, Leedo did some writing himself, as his name is on three of the tracks on Trickster. On the flip side, Hwanwoong is also credited with helping create the choreography for ‘Bring It On.’ Tomoons also know how involved he is in creating choreography as he’s been doing it from the very beginning! Their junior group, Purple-Kiss, also plays a similar role in their own music as well (RBW groups are really out here). Oneus is quite the hardworking group!

The Ace of Spades: The Storyline

We love a good storyline…a good cinematic universe. The Oneus Cinematic Universe is quite an interesting one! Of course, not everyone keeps up with their group’s storyline if they have one, but if you do, then you probably noticed how Trickster seems to continue from their first full album, Devil. You might have caught some of it from the music video as well, but there aren’t any clear-cut answers. All we have is theories, even then it’s pretty confusing. What we do know is that Devil’s message was more about “free will” and just doing what you want; Trickster is about facing a crossroads and how one simple choice can completely change your life. In addition, they express that everyone should have their main character moment and reach their happy ever after. Despite the twists and turns of the Oneus Cinematic Universe, it’s certainly fascinating and it sets them apart from their peers.

Oneus Went All-In

As we can see Oneus’ hand is powerful. They brought their A-game with Trickster, we never stood a chance. But, in the end, we got a wonderful and high-octane comeback, and we couldn’t be happier! However, now they’ve raised the stakes. We’ll be paying close attention to Oneus and their next match. Will they play the Trickster again?

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Tomoons, what has been your favorite part of this comeback? Do you have theories about their storyline? Which track is your favorite? We’d like to hear it all! Leave a comment under the article or tell us on Twitter, @TheHoneyPopInstagram, and/or Facebook. We’ll be brushing up on our poker skills for the next match in the meantime 🃏.

Oneus Reveals Hand Trickster
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