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Seven ABBA Songs We Absolutely Love From Their ‘Voyage’ Setlist

Seven ABBA Songs We Absolutely Love From Their ‘Voyage’ Setlist

At The Honey POP, we’re all about excitement! The most mythical of mythical groups is back on tour. ABBA has just launched its Voyage residency. Well technically, it’s not ABBA who will be on stage but their holograms. This does not make the experience any less promising!

The band itself was present for the premiere in London! And we were allowed to see pictures of Agnetha, Björn, Benny, and Anni-Frid together on a red carpet. It had been so long that we really let out a little tear of emotion.

It’s been 40 years since we were waiting for the return of the band! By coming back, ABBA also makes us hope that other bands on hiatus will make a comeback (One Direction, we’re talking about you).

Anyway, last year, the surprise release of the album Voyage was so delightful that it was worth the wait. The tracks on the album were pure ABBA! And we still wonder which one is our favorite. Maybe the great ‘Just A Notion‘ or ‘Bumblebee?’ Or, it might be the beautiful hymn ‘Ode To Freedom…’

Some new songs are on the list of their hologram tour. And, well, we must admit that the setlist is absolutely brilliant. It includes the band’s greatest hits and some lesser-known but equally brilliant songs. Just look how realistic and entertaining this stage of ‘SOS’ is!

We’ve selected for you seven tracks from ABBA’s Voyage concert program (which may change depending on the dates) that you absolutely must listen to! Let’s go!

‘I Still Have Faith In You’

The clip is a retrospective of the band’s career with fans’ screams, backstage footage, and pictures of their signature costumes… We got chills and still wonder if Voyage was a comeback or a forever farewell.

‘Dancing Queen’

What would an ABBA concert be without the queen herself? Yes, ‘Dancing Queen’ is still our dancing anthem (and basically the dancing anthem of everyone on this planet). And by listening to it, we do feel that we’re only seventeen!


Can we agree that this song is one of the best of all their register? The piano solo at the end is absolutely wonderful and it’s probably the reason why we listen to it so much. This song will make you the happiest!

‘Does Your Mother Know’

ABBA’s Voyage is nothing less than a myth… Because the band included some bangers such this one. ABBA knows how to deal with music that rocks! The musical arrangement is so addictive and the lyrics are funny. We bet you feel like dancing?

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‘Don’t Shut Me Down’

The dancing and groovy sounds are so typical of the band that we believe ourselves in the 70s again. This masterpiece reflects the quality of their latest release, Voyage. ABBA was only made to make great music.

‘Thank You For The Music’

This one is a love letter from ABBA to the music. We absolutely love the honesty of their words and the voice of Agnetha full of emotions got us everytime. And well… it was also their goodbye song in 1983. That’s why it has a special place in our hearts.

‘The Winner Takes It All’

This song reflects all the greatness of the band’s music and the beauty of their words. If we love ABBA so much, it’s thanks to songs as marvelous as ‘The Winner Takes It All.’

The setlist includes so many more great hits such as ‘Eagle,’ ‘Lay All Your Love On Me,’ ‘SOS,’ ‘Voulez-Vous,’ ‘Summer Night City,’ ‘Fernando…’ Only masterpieces, that’s for sure! And now, we only have one thing to say : thanks for returning, ABBA.

Have you planned to go see the Voyage concert? Which song do you want to hear the most? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP. Also, check us out on Instagram and Facebook!


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