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Heeseung Wins Our Hearts With His Cover Of ‘Off My Face’

Heeseung Wins Our Hearts With His Cover Of ‘Off My Face’


ENGENE, how are you doing emotionally after listening to Heeseung’s incredible cover of ‘Off My Face’ by Justin Bieber? Personally, we levitated to another dimension, and our ears were blessed with his beautiful vocals!

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We’re no musicians or producers, BUT we do recognize talent when we see it, and Heeseung definitely exceeded our expectations. He did a phenomenal job covering ‘Off My Face!’ We knew this 4th gen K-pop sensation had a remarkable voice, but we were not prepared for his show-stopping masterpiece. It feels like we’re celebrating Christmas early because this song cover feels like pure bliss!

‘Off My Face’ Overview

For those of you who may not be familiar with the song Heeseung covered, ‘Off My Face’ is essentially about a love that is so intoxicating, it almost feels like a drug. The lyrics also let us know how head over heels the person is for the one they love; hence the words, “One touch and you got me stoned. Higher than I’ve ever known.” Now that you know the meaning behind the song, we hope you can appreciate the cover even more because now we need Heeseung to release an entire album (or a mini album) with only ballads; the genre suits his voice so well!

‘Off My Face’ Cover

By the way, did we mention there’s a video that goes with the cover? It’s simple yet, visually appealing and doesn’t take the attention away from Heeseung’s lovely voice. The video focuses solely on Heeseung as he sings into a microphone in a well-lit room with a nice view of the city buildings in the background. Of course, to tie everything together, we can’t forget about the outfit and accessories. Nothing too formal or flashy, just Heeseung wearing a comfortable outfit and cool rings and earrings that match the overall vibe and aesthetic of the song.

There’s no doubt Heeseung won over ENGENE’s hearts (and ours as well) for the millionth time. The only complaint we have is that he pulled at our heartstrings a little too much, so if you haven’t listened to the song, make sure you grab a box of tissues before you do. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be streaming, singing our hearts out, levitating, and listening to the masterpiece that is Heeseung’s cover of ‘Off My Face’ as free therapy. 

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What did you think about it? Did you love it as much as we did? Do you think Heeseung will do a future collab with Jungkook of BTS and cover ‘Off My Face’ again? Let us know! Don’t forget to tweet us your reaction to this amazing song cover at @thehoneypop! As always, for more K-pop content on your favorite artists, check out our Instagram for the latest buzz.

Image Source: TENOR 


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