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Suran Teams Up With Peder Elias To Provide Us With Chill Summer Track ‘Darling’

Suran Teams Up With Peder Elias To Provide Us With Chill Summer Track ‘Darling’

Ladies and gents, the queen has returned! South Korean songstress Suran continues to reign supreme in 2022. And, if you can’t tell, we are so excited!

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If you’re not familiar with Suran, the R&B singer founded her independent record label in 2021—which is the ultimate flex—and has captivated the world with her velvety vocals. In addition, she’s had a fantastic year so far, releasing her EP Flyin’ Part 1, which features bops, ‘Devils In The City,’ and her collaboration with NCT’s Taeyong, ‘Diamonds.’

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Suran is providing us with the perfect laid-back summer bop to add to our playlists with ‘Darling.’ The new track demonstrates the singer’s versatility and how she is not afraid to play with different music genres.

The chill acoustic track is all about the emotions in a pure and youthful romance. The sweet lyrics remind listeners what it feels like to fall in love for the first time and just want to be with your first love. ‘Darling’ erupts all the butterflies in our tummies with its sweet melodies.

Suran recruits rising star Peder Elias for ‘Darling!’

When Suran collabs with artists, you know she’s teaming up with the best in the game. The R&B songstress teams up with Norwegian rising star Peder Elias. We absolutely cannot get enough of these two on ‘Darling.’ Elias’ smooth vocals complement the chill vibes of the song and don’t get us started on the beautiful harmonies throughout the track because we’ll be here all night long.

Image Source: Paulina Kolataj 

In addition, ‘Darling’ marks the first time Suran has collaborated with an international artist, and we think Peder Elias was a perfect choice! Elias also shared how happy he was when Suran reached out to him for this fantastic collaboration.

Collaborating with SURAN from the other side of the world is super fun, and I was so happy she reached out to me to do a song together! Also, can’t wait to travel to Korea later this year and maybe play ‘Darling’ live with SURAN?

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We’re keeping our fingers crossed and hope to see a live performance of ‘Darling’ in the future! Until then, we’ll be streaming ‘Darling,’ and you should too!

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