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5 Jonas Blue Tracks Your Playlist Needs

5 Jonas Blue Tracks Your Playlist Needs

Calling all Jonas Blue fans! The mega-producer is back with new music, and we can’t help but get excited! Over the years, Jonas Blue has provided us with hit after hit and isn’t slowing down—not that we’re complaining; keep the bops coming!

Even more exciting news, Blue has been hard at work producing his next masterpiece, Together. There is no release date yet; we have our fingers crossed here at THP, hoping Blue announces it soon! And, in celebration of new music and an upcoming album, here are five Jonas Blue tracks you need to add to your playlist ASAP!

‘Perfect Melody’ with Julian Perretta

Kicking things off is Blue’s latest single, ‘Perfect Melody.’ This track dropped just in time for summer! The new track brings all the vibes of summer jam-packed in two and a half minutes. The catchy melodies are perfect—see what we did there—and will have you dancing in seconds! ‘Perfect Melody’ is all about the summer romance and dancing the night away with a special someone or a stranger you just met. In addition, Julian Perretta’s voice fits amazingly with this upbeat track.

‘Naked’ with MAX

The next song on our list of must-have Jonas Blue tracks is ‘Naked.’ This collaboration is EVERYTHING and then some. The retro vibes in this pop track are immaculate, with funky bass lines and horns. Can we talk about MAX’s voice for a second? His smooth and soulful vocals add so much to this ‘Naked,’ and we are absolutely obsessed! These two are a match made in heaven, and we’re dying to see them collaborate again in the future.

‘Hear Me Say’ with LÉON

Trust us when we say this track is a must in your playlist. The song makes us feel nostalgic for romance with lyrics like, “Wish I could tell you there’s no one to blame / Wish I could tell you I still feel the same.” LÉON’s vocals in this track are out of this world and blend so seamlessly with the dance track. ‘Hear Me Say’ is one of those songs you want as part of your summer soundtrack.

‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ with Why Don’t We

We didn’t know we needed a Jonas Blue x Why Don’t We collaboration, but now we need more of this partnership. You can also catch this track on Blue’s upcoming album, Together. The track is about finally finding your true love and feeling elated over the fact. In addition, it’s the perfect representation of young love. The pop track is the perfect mesh of the band and Blue’s musical styles.

‘By Your Side’ feat. RAYE

The last song is an essential Jonas Blue track. The producer recruits British singer RAYE for an infectious dance track. ‘By Your Side’ starts with a piano melody before progressing into the dance-pop melodies. In addition, the producer infuses string instruments adding dimension to this bop. The track is all about wanting to have a special person to adventure with and hoping they keep you by their side until the end.

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We cannot wait for Jonas Blue to drop his new album! Until then, we’ll be jamming out to these bops and many more by the producer all summer long—you should too!

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