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7 Best Songs By Blue That Defined Their Music

7 Best Songs By Blue That Defined Their Music

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At The Honey POP, we love to celebrate new music and new beginnings for up-and-coming artists. But we’re also absolutely suckers for all-time best songs, and the massive achievements of our faves. And today, we have an excuse to do jus that, because Blue has returned. Yes, you heard that correctly. And no, we are not messing with you!

The iconic British boy band Blue—comprising Antony Costa, Duncan James, Lee Ryan, and Simon Webbe—has returned to enchant the music industry with its alluring music and your hearts again. Blue has been one of the most popular British pop bands for the past two decades, with smashing hits, multiple accolades, successful albums, millions of streams, massive collaborations, and global recognition. 

best blue songs
Image Source: Tag8 Music- BMG/ Halestorm PR

Blue is gearing up to make a much-awaited comeback with their forthcoming sixth studio album, Heart & Soul, later this year. The band recently released its sizzling lead single, ‘Haven’t Found You Yet,’ which immediately mesmerized us and left us in awe of its exhilarating sound that gives us a flavor of what’s to come. The album will preserve the essence of the past while embracing the new tomorrow with open arms and feeling at ease while exploring unchartered territory.

‘Haven’t Found You Yet’ takes us full circle to the days in the studio with ‘All Rise’ when you could feel the excitement of something new being crafted and here we are again with that same vibe. We knew as soon as we heard it and played it to Hugh that we had the benchmark for the rest of the album.

Blue on ‘Haven’t Found You Yet’

If you’re a regular reader at THP, we’re sure you know how much we adore the old classics. And the golden 90s-00s, which created absolute music legends, would be incomplete without touching on Blue. The band contributed significantly to the era with its alluring, whimsical, yet spell-binding singles and carved a name for itself. 

best blue songs
Image Source: Tag8 Music- BMG/ Halestorm PR

To commemorate the new release, we don our superhero cape again and take a trip down memory lane with these seven all-time best songs by Blue, which defined their music and still give us an adrenaline rush.

And if you’re new to them, go straight to YouTube after reading this article. It’s the closest thing we’ll ever have to a time machine, allowing us to travel back in time and enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

‘Haven’t Found You Yet’

‘Haven’t Found You Yet’ is a terrific introduction to kick off their new musical era, so you can imagine how ecstatic we are. The scintillating single, co-written by Antony with producer Ronny Svendsen, is a soaring tune soaking in the glorious mix of sensual R&B and plush. It’s velvety pop vibes alongside their lush vocals and pulsating rhythms, and will instantly pluck your heartstrings.

‘Haven’t Found You Yet’ beautifully reflects the evolution of their music and personalities and documents their momentum since the band’s inception. It is exhilarating to see them pushing their horizons and venturing into new styles while preserving their signature vibe.

Blue songs
Image Source: Tag8 Music- BMG/ Halestorm PR

The single arrived with an eye-pleasing, stylish music video produced by Jackson Ducasse, capturing the core essence of their aesthetic with a contemporary twist, proving that this is not the 2000s. It radiates a groovy atmosphere with laid-back elements like a smokey environment, fellas singing and driving in the car, chatting and enjoying a pint, and simply having fun.

‘Haven’t Found You Yet’ is a happy trip to greet the new musical era of Blue. It does, however, exude the same vigorous passion, savage attitude, and liveliness as the All Rise days, affirming that Blue is ready to conquer the charts again. 

‘One Love’

One love for the mother’s pride/ One love for the times we cried
One love gotta stay alive/ I will survive
One love for the city streets/ One love for the hip hop beats
One love, Oh I do believe/ One love is all we need

It’s kinda funny, how life can change/ can flip 180 in a matter of days.” But if you ask about our one love since Day 1, it’s always been Blue. One of their most popular and well-known songs is ‘One Love,’ which rose the band to prominence and still has the same charm as it had 20 years ago. Nostalgia hits us as soon as we remember jamming to its infamous chorus at the maximum volume on our old MP3 player.

Every element is in the correct quantity and cooked to perfection, from composition to vocals, melody, rhythm, and lyrics, with a bonus music video. If you are new to Bluestart from here, and we promise you will become a fan before finishing this article.

best blue songs
Image Source: Tag8 Music- BMG/ Halestorm PR

‘All Rise’

One for the money and the free rides/ It’s two for the lie that you denied
All rise, all rise c’mon/ Three for the calls you’ve been making
It’s four all the times you’ve been faking
All rise, I’m gonna tell it to your face/ All rise, I rest my case

‘All Rise,’ as its title suggests, brought Blue much-deserved recognition and popularity as their debut hit, topping the charts and winning the hearts of millions. The single gave us a glimpse of the unstoppable force about to be unleashed. There’s nothing too intense here, just a playful yet powerful song with an addictive hook and a fitting ’00s vibe that gets better and better every time we jam to it.

‘Breathe Easy’

“I can’t breathe easy/ Can’t sleep at night ’til you’re by my side/
No, I can’t breathe easy/ I can’t dream yet another dream/
Without you lying next to me, there’s no air.”

‘Breathe Easy’ departs from their usual sound and takes on the tone of a melancholic, poignant ballad, becoming one of their most resounding tunes. The song adorns breath-taking, hushed vocals, on-point high notes, and exquisite imagery; the emotional yet passionate lyrics are powerful enough to stand on their own. It eloquently chronicles yearning for a long-lost love, pleading for them to return, self-reflection, and a newly discovered admiration for relationships.

‘If You Come Back’

“So if I did something wrong please tell me/ I want to understand,
‘Cause I don’t want this love to ever end/

And I swear if you come back in my life/ I’ll be there till the end of time,
And I swear, I’ll keep you right by my side/ ‘Cause baby you’re the one I want.”

This song is one of the best and most underappreciated tunes by Blue, and it deserves a lot more attention and admiration. The lads have a knack for knowing what to write and sing that piques our emotions. It hits home because of its profound, timeless appeal, and you’ll want to listen to this sad romantic gem while lying in bed at night, reminiscing about your old love. The song is a masterpiece, embellished with a pleasing melody, pulsating beats, poignant lyrics, enchanting vocals, and a gorgeous music video.

‘Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word’ Feat. Elton John

Let us begin by saying that this title could not be more accurate. Sir Elton John collaborated with Blue to discover the magic and delivered an intimate rendition of this classic song that gave us goosebumps and made us all cry collectively. The song is an emotive, vulnerable ballad about a romantic relationship on the verge of ending yet clutching on the last flicker of hope.

“What I got to do to make you want me?/ What I got to do to be heard?
What do I say when it’s all over babe?/ Sorry seems to be the hardest word.”

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It is a desperate attempt to save the relationship that, deep down, they already know is over. Elton has a hypnotizing ability to express emotions and spell out unsaid feelings, leaving us exposed to vulnerability. So prepare yourself to feel the pain of that heartbreak. 

‘U Make Me Wanna’

20 years later, and still…. you make me wanna call you in the middle of the night/ you make me wanna hold you ’til the morning light/ you make me wanna love, you make me wanna fall/ you make me wanna surrender my soul.” Oh, did we start singing it again?

Sorry, not sorry, we can not stop ourselves from jamming to it. The song is so addictive and still holds its charisma, even after 20 years. ‘U Make Me Wanna’ is a mid-tempo, kaleidoscopic, delightful tune with appetizing lyrics, making it a great addition to your timeless summer playlist. Blue proved again that they mastered the art of storytelling and expressing emotions while being playful, pumping your heart, and making you tap your feet.

Tracklist- Heart & Soul

So would you ‘Dance With Me’ tonight? Do you feel this ‘Magnetic’ pull between our ‘Heart & Soul?’ we had been waiting all this time thinking we ‘Haven’t Found You Yet,’ but you were always around us, being our ‘One (and only) Love.’ Now, our hearts tell us that ‘This Could Be Love.’

Image Source: GIPHY

Oh no, don’t worry. The songwriter within us felt inspired after listening to all these spectacular songs so far. However, let’s save this conversation for some other day because we have something better in store for you. With the release, Blue also unveiled the tracklist of their upcoming album, featuring ten bopping bangers jam-packed with lush titles and whimsical, swoon-worthy tracks that will continue the legacy of Blue—from poignant, heartfelt ballads to dance-inducing songs.

  • ‘Haven’t Found You Yet’
  • ‘Dance With Me’
  • ‘This Could Be Love’
  • Let’s Get Sad
  • ‘Heart & Soul’
  • Man Do’
  • ‘Magnetic’
  • ‘Gravity’
  • ‘Ultraviolet’
  • ‘Stop’
Blue songs
Image Source: Blue via Instagram (@officialblue)

Heart & Soul is slated for release on September 9, followed by a UK-wide tour. The concerts are unmissable, and we cannot wait to soak in the intoxicating atmosphere while screaming our hearts out while singing the lyrics, so grab your tickets here.

Pre-order ‘Heart & Soul’ here.

‘Haven’t Found You Yet’ is available to stream on all digital streaming platforms. Pick your favorite and join us in jamming to it.

Did you enjoy this new single, and are you excited about the upcoming album as much as we are? Which is your favorite song by Blue? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPopFacebook, or connect with us on Instagram.

Do you need more music you’ll have a crush on? We got you covered!


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