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BTS Shares Their Inspirations On New Apple Music Show: Here’s Why They Are Ours

BTS Shares Their Inspirations On New Apple Music Show: Here’s Why They Are Ours

It’s time to get excited, ARMY! BTS has partnered up with Apple Music for their new show BTS Radio: Past & Present and we’re freaking out. What can you expect to hear on the episodes? The members will be giving fans an interesting behind-the-scenes look into their journey of becoming BTS. Yes, BTS is giving us B.T.S!

They’ll even share stories and discuss songs they feel helped make them the incredible and record-breaking group they are today. Giving BTS their own show is always a good idea, so thank you Apple Music! 

BTS Radio: Past & Present will consist of three episodes and will air weekly up to the release of their highly anticipated new album Proof—which drops on June 10th. That’s only a few days away, ARMY, and we already know which version we want (all of them!) 

We wanted to use this radio show to celebrate nine years of BTS with you guys and with our ARMY all over the world. Every episode is dedicated to you, we wanted to share the BTS songs that help tell our story.


Image Source: BTS Official Twitter

The first episode aired on May 28th and had the group share about the beginning of BTS with the songs that helped shape them. Check out a few quotes from the episode below then go and listen to BTS Radio: Past & Present on Apple Music 1 or whenever you want on-demand with an Apple Music subscription! 

The reason I chose ‘No More Dream’ is because it is our debut song (title track of debut album), and looking back now, it is the type of song that we could only have done back then.

-Suga, BTS Radio: Past & Present *on Apple Music 1

I agree with Suga. Same reason, this was our debut song, and I think it is the first song where we really express our emotions and message clearly.

-Jimin, BTS Radio: Past & Present *on Apple Music 1

Image Source: BTS Official Twitter

Since the members are sharing behind-the-scenes and inspirations with us, we want to share three BTS songs that inspire us! Their passion for music is evident in everything they do and we are seriously grateful for all their hard work because we have songs we can lean on. These are just a few of their songs that touch our hearts!

‘Answer: Love Myself’

“It’s just that loving myself
Doesn’t require anyone else’s permission
I’m looking for myself again”

We all need to learn to be a bit kinder to ourselves and BTS is here to remind us of just that. If you have a minute, we recommend reading all the lyrics for this beautiful track. They have a way of writing lyrics that feel like a hug, and this song is one of them. 

‘Life Goes On’

“Close your eyes for a moment
Hold my hand
To that future, let’s run away”

One of our favorite BTS tracks of all time. In this song, the members offer listeners a hand to escape to someday in the future when things are better and brighter. Each verse is lovely and pairs wonderfully with the sweet melody. 

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‘Permission To Dance’

“Let’s break our plans
And live just like we’re golden
And roll in like we’re dancing fools”

Okay, this is a fantastically catchy song with a great beat and lyrics that will boost your mood all the way up. Seriously, we can’t stop singing the “na na na na na na na” part and “we don’t need permission to dance!”

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Image Source: GIPHY

Now that you’ve listened to some of their gorgeous songs, go listen to their new show on Apple Music 1. We’ll meet you there and keep our BTS playlist going! 

How excited are you for BTS’s new show? Which BTS songs inspire you? Drop a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook.

If you need more BTS, then check out our dive into a few of their remixes!


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