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Albums Sold, Fanbase, Talent… SEVENTEEN Are Certified Record Breakers!

Albums Sold, Fanbase, Talent… SEVENTEEN Are Certified Record Breakers!

With this comeback, SEVENTEEN is taking the highway to success. Nothing stops them and really nothing will hold them back from going even higher. We listed some of the latest records they have set (some very serious ones and some not so serious ones). Those achievements are just impressive, you can trust us.

First Record: Selling Two Million Albums In One Week

The most recent one is one of their greatest. SEVENTEEN sold two million copies of their new album Face The Sun during the very first week. The band became the only second K-Pop act to achieve that (the first is the one and only BTS with Map of the Soul: 7 and BE).

CARATs are known to be really enthusiastic when it comes to supporting SEVENTEEN’s albums. And we’re not the only ones to get emotional about that. Hoshi shared a touching message on Weverse about that milestone. Absolutely no one praise CARATs as much as the band itself. We were crying!

Second Record: Having A Very Hyped Comeback

As soon as their ‘HOT’ music video came out, a miracle happened. Maybe it’s because of the insane visuals, the sharp choreography, the desert, and this all-red ambiance.

All in one, the music video is a masterpiece, and those who have seen it can confirm it. The conclusion is that no SEVENTEEN’s music video has reached 30 million views that fast.

Third Record: Having 13 Great Vocalists In One Band

Have you heard of Dingo’s Killing Voice? Most of the time, solo idols are invited on this program. SEVENTEEN is the very first 13-piece band to go there. The record is just an excuse to talk about this performance. Because you can’t let another day slide by without watching it. It’s worth it.

The twenty minutes of this adorable mini-concert seem to last two minutes. With their usual cheerfulness, they cover some of their singles such as ‘Adore U,’ ‘Run To You,’ ‘Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day…’ It’s entertaining, well prepared, cute, and perfect. With only light background music and delicate harmonizations, their vocals appear pure and beautiful. This video is like the warmest of hugs.

Fourth Record: Bringing A Huge Amount Of Audacity On A Music Show

Being an entertainer is a SEVENTEEN thing. It’s like, if you’re a SEVENTEEN member, you have to be like that and to act like that. Even on a music show. So here’s the situation. During the presentation talk, Mingyu just randomly said that if they win a second time, the hottest member that loose rock paper scissors will sing with his feet in an ice bucket. Well… we let you discover which not-lucky-but-still-hot member had to do it…

Who is bold enough to do that on a music show? Anyway, SEVENTEEN is happy as always…

Fifth Record: Bewitching CARATs By The Hundred

The number of CARAT’s hearts they hold in their hand is… insane? They have never collected so many CARAT’s hearts. They collect them by hundred. In the following situation, imagine that SEVENTEEN plays the role of Jeonghan and we are Joshua.

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Caratland is growing big since the release of ‘HOT’ and no one will ever blame us for loving SEVENTEEN. Maybe their comeback stage is one of the reasons (no wonder Jun has so many views for his fan cams…).

In short, we are full of only love for the comeback and we are still struggling to get over the album, the single, the performances, SEVENTEEN, the love we have for them, and everything that rhymes with SEVENTEEN.

And you, how is your CARAT life? What SEVENTEEN record do you particularly like? Let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram! Want all the latest news about SEVENTEEN? Click right here!


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