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Get Ready For Summer With These Fashionable Aaliyah Jay Outfits

Get Ready For Summer With These Fashionable Aaliyah Jay Outfits

New York influencer and fashion extraordinaire Aaliyah Jay has some big plans for this summer season! Not only is her clothing brand, Twisted Saints coming out with a brand new collection with some summer pieces, but she’s also planning to launch a jewelry line around her birthday on June 23rd! It’s looking to be a very fashionable summer all thanks to our girl Aaliyah Jay.

Aaliyah Jay IG photo
Image Source: @aaliyahjay via Instagram

Diving Deeper Into Jay’s Upcoming Summer Plans

In her interview with 21Ninety, she talks about how her jewelry line is going to have both maximalist and minimalist elements, meaning there will be plenty of options to choose from! And think of all the styling opportunities! Jay also went further to state how her jewelry line won’t just be made to wear for Instagram, but for everyday styling and usage.

“This is not going to be the Instagram stuff where you have to live up to a certain hype. This is for the normal, everyday girl who just wants to have fun and express herself through jewelry and fashion.”

Aaliyah Jay for 21Ninety

Additionally, Jay talks about what we fans can expect from her new collection for her Twisted Saints line. And the answer? A lot of streetwear and colors, perfect for the summertime! Jay is planning to release the collection in early fall, though keep your fingers crossed because she said that it’ll probably be released before the summer ends. 

We’re so excited for Aaliyah Jay, and we can’t wait to see her new collection and jewelry line! So in celebration, we’re taking some inspiration from our girl and getting ready for a very stylin’ summer by going over some of Aaliyah Jay’s most fashionable outfits!

Outfit One: Having Fun With Color-Blocking (And Crocs!)


If only crocs were cool years ago I woulda never bought all these shoes I got in my closet 😭

♬ they trunna be subway surf – фэйри типо

Summer is all about vibrant, fun colors, and Jay bodies it perfectly here! We’re loving the colorful crochet bucket hat, and it manages to fit in well with the color-blocking theme of this look. Clearly, Jay knows a thing or two about color theory which, by the way, you can totally use when creating your own looks as well. 

Also, Aaliyah Jay managed to make crocs look fashionable in her summer fit, which is a major accomplishment in our books!

Outfit Two: Flower Power


These shoes were way too cool for a dress/skirt, so I paired it with some leather shorts 💚🤩 #fashiontiktok #relationships #productivity #moda #ootd

♬ Still Into You Drill – SHO

Can you say flower power with this look? It’s another good color-blocking outfit from Jay though this time there’s more of a central green color theme. The coloring of this fashionable outfit fits right in with the early summer period, as it’s the time when flowers are blooming and bees are buzzing around! The whole quirky look of the outfit really showcases Jay’s more silly side, which we love to see.

Plus, do you see those shoes? How cute are they!

Outfit Three: Patterns Galore

Aaliyah Jay in Twisted Saints' ribbed dress from IG, summer dress
Image Source: @aaliyahjay via Instagram

Not only is this outfit fashionable, but Jay is wearing her ribbed dress from her Twisted Saints line! This fit is more so all about playing with patterns, a great way of adding some dimension to your looks when layering won’t work for the hotter seasons.

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 Also, you can never go wrong with wearing a cute dress for the summer; it is a versatile clothing piece after all. You can wear it up or down. Or make it into a shirt via bestdressed style. Or play it up by wearing a dynamic purse like Jay is.

Outfit Four: Business Casual Mashup

aaliyah jay IG outfit, business wear
Image Source: @aaliyahjay via Instagram
aaliyah jay IG outfit, business wear
Image Source: @aaliyahjay via Instagram

If you haven’t heard it already, business wear is officially turning casual and Jay got the look down pat! Blazers are becoming a fashion staple, and Jay wears one with pride in this fit. However, we like to argue what really makes the outfit is the accessories. The chunky sunglasses and rings contrasted with the elegant pearl necklace and star earrings really give this look that extra pop to it. The whole style is a cute and easy outfit from Jay to take inspiration from for your next OOTD this summer.

Which fashionable Aaliyah Jay outfit are you taking inspiration from this summer? And what are you more excited about: Jay’s new clothing collection or her upcoming jewelry line? Let us know in the comments! We’re also down to talk over at our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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