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6 Reasons Why NCT’s Haechan Is Sunshine In Human Form

6 Reasons Why NCT’s Haechan Is Sunshine In Human Form

Guys, we are here to make an important announcement. Haechan is our ultimate comfort human being on this planet, and he makes us so happy. If you disagree with us, what is wrong with you? Seriously, name another person that brings too much happiness to one’s soul every time you see them. You know what, this is a test now. Choose an answer between these choices: A) Lee Haechan B) NCT Dream’s Haechan C) NCT 127’s Haechan D) Lee Donghyuck E) NCT 127’s maknae. Choose wisely. We are waiting. Oh, yeah, each of them is the correct answer because Haechan is sunshine in human form, and we are here to prove it to you.

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His Unstoppable Energy

You know the deal. It will be loud if there’s a room and Haechan is in it. The man spends most of the year making comebacks after comebacks, yet he is one of the most energetic NCT members, no matter the situation. And the best part is that the energy he radiates is infectious, meaning Haechan always finds a way to make the members around him match his power. So, if you are walking in front of a room and loud noises are coming out, preferably laughter, you might want to check the room out because there is always a possibility that the reason is nothing but Lee Haechan’s himself.

His Immense Hardwork

Real talk, Haechan is probably one of the most hardworking people. He works so hard, always trying to give his best to his dear NCTzens, and he never disappoints. Every comeback, he makes us prouder because his improvement shows off. Even though sometimes we worry about his health because of this constant hard work, we appreciate him so much. With this hard work, Haechan filled 35 comebacks, including NCT Dream’s second album repackage Beatbox, in six years that he has been an idol, and let’s not forget that he is only 22. 

His Amazing Talent

Of course, this hard work pays off because every time Haechan performs, our jaws drop to the floor. No kidding. Whether it is a high note that sounds impossible or a complicated choreo, NCTzens know Haechan would nail it. Every time he is on stage, you just know that he loves what he is doing, and more importantly, he was born for this. 

Moodmaker In The Room

His upbeat energy, him jokingly picking on his members all the time, and all the jokes… Of course, our Haechan always finds a way to change the energy of a room the moment he walks in. Especially thanks to Haechan’s mood-making talents, he is never weird with anyone in the group. And we said it like that because when you are in a group that consists of 23 people and will consist even more in the future, some things might be weird between some members because they didn’t get the chance to spend so many times together due to different schedules of units. But it is never weird for our extrovert Haechan. He always finds a way to connect with other members and bring joy to them.

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Taking Care Of His Members

He doesn’t only uplift the mood of the room he is in, but he is also constantly trying to make sure that every member in that room is alright. He might be one of the most mischievous people you have ever seen in your entire life, but he gets really serious about his members. Our beloved Fullsun will be there to take care of them, even his hyungs, whenever they need it the most. What would we do without you, Haechanie?

Cutest Human Being In The Planet

Haechan is the type of person that will make you cry at 5 am on the floor as you constantly repeat these words: “I wanna pinch his cheeks so bad.” Now, it might be pretty specific, haha, just like we are doing this almost every day, but you get it. Haechan doesn’t need to do aegyo, because he was born with it. Cuteness is not some kind of game for this man, it’s a lifestyle, and he is doing a marvelous job. You know you agree with us.

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What a beautiful human being, inside and out! It is your turn, let’s talk about Lee Haechan together as we should. Why do you think he is the absolute sunshine? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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