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BTS Picked ARMY’s Favorite Songs And Now We’re Planning Our Dream Concert

BTS Picked ARMY’s Favorite Songs And Now We’re Planning Our Dream Concert

ARMYs, welcome to your weekly update on the BTS radio show! First, can we all agree that RM is a born radio show host? It’s so refreshing to hear all of them talk about their music! It’s funny and full of confidence! We adore this show and we ask for more! So, for their second week on Apple Music, BTS picked ARMY’s favorite songs. And now that we heard their choices, we can’t agree more!

All those songs blended together will create the coolest setlist ever. We’re imagining ourselves at a BTS concert, having the time of our lives and crying our hearts out because the band picked our dearest songs. Prepare your emotions and grab a ton of tissues, it’s going to be an emotional journey. To organize our feelings, our concert will be divided into sections.

A Dope Introduction With ‘Baepsae,’ ‘UGH!,’ And ‘Cypher Pt.3: Killer’

There’s nothing such as a vigorous introduction for a concert! Well, why not start with ‘Baepsae,’ whose message clearly reflects the DNA of BTS? Then it’s time to let the rap line set the concert hall on fire! We love them so much when they deliver all their energy! According to SUGA, “If you listen to this once in a while, it just pumps you up.” It’s as if he had read our minds! We do feel savage when we hear those hip-hop verses.

Dance Time With ‘Best Of Me,’ ‘Save Me,’ And ‘Make It Right’

Dancing time! BTS are the best when it comes to stage presence. They shake everything up with disconcerting ease. So it’s time for them to shine with songs such as ‘Best Of Me’ or ‘Save Me!’

The choreographies are hyper polished and remind us how much BTS assures in this domain. And if we had the opportunity to see a whole choreography for ‘Make It Right,’ we would be the happiest!

Crying-A-River Moment With ‘Epiphany,’ ‘The Truth Untold’ And ‘Heartbeat’

Apparently, BTS picked ARMY’s favorite songs just to make us cry. Who didn’t cry while watching the Love Yourself concert and the succession between ‘Epiphany,’ beautifully interpreted by Jin, and ‘The Truth Untold,’ managed by the charming vocal line?

And if we add ‘Heartbeat,’ the “hidden jewel” according to j-hope, we are going to cry continuously. These songs are beautiful and BTS are right, we love them and we worship them! When will we hear them live? *sobbing*

The Confort Songs With ‘Love Maze,’ ‘HOME,’ And ‘Spring Day’

Certain songs have a special place in our hearts. They belong to the comfort songs category. They’re the kind we listen to when we are not feeling well, that console us when we are sad, that we listen to when we are feeling great… to summarize, we listen to them all the time and we absolutely adore them. BTS has a lot of them and they are our faves! ‘Love Maze,’ (V and JK agreed that it has high value) ‘HOME,’ and ‘Spring Day’ (picked by our lovely Jimin, this song can drag anyone into the BTS world) are some of those.

The Au Revoir With Our Dear ‘Mikrokosmos’ And ‘We are Bulletproof : the Eternal’

Of course, the boys would say goodbye with the most beautiful songs. We saved the two best for the end! Goodbyes with ‘Mikrokosmos’ are really something… Just by hearing the few intro notes, a mixed feeling of sadness and happiness overwhelms us. You know what we are talking about.

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‘We are Bulletproof : the Eternal’ is our anthem, to BTS and ARMY. It will be the very last song to console us, because we like ‘Mikrokosmos’ to be the last song, but we don’t like it to be a last song. Because in our dreamy minds, a BTS concert last forever… When they sing: “We are not seven, with you, we know that there’s no better way to end a BTS concert…

Well, BTS picked ARMY’s favorite songs and their choices were perfect! This concert would be nothing but about emotions. BTS really knows ARMYs…

There’s only one radio show left but that means that we have only a few days left before Proof and it’s a relief!

Which song is your absolute favorite from our setlist? Which one do you want to see live? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram! Want to know more about K-Pop latest news? Here you are!


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