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Reneè Rapp’s Debut Single Will Stick With Us Like ‘Tattoos’

Reneè Rapp’s Debut Single Will Stick With Us Like ‘Tattoos’

If you haven’t added ‘Tattoos’ by Reneé Rapp to every playlist ever yet, what are you doing?! The Sex Lives of College Girls star and Broadway queen released her debut single, and we are loving it.

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The song is six years in the making, and we could not be happier to finally have it in our library.

“I love to write music, but I’m an anxious person. For 6 years I’ve been saying I was going to release my songs then backing off and getting scared. If you ask anyone I’m an open book and I share everything. Music was the final piece I hadn’t shared. I’ve been excited and scared at the same time. I’d second guess everything I was writing— I still do. The only thing that changed is you guys. Your support on this song and the next to come leaves me f***ing speechless.”

Reneé Rapp

Along with the song, Rapp released an accompanying music video.

Set in a blue and green-tinged bathroom, the music video mirrors the emotion of the song by placing Rapp in one of life’s most vulnerable rooms. When the shots are juxtaposed with ones of the singer reflected endlessly in mirrors, the video becomes even more captivating. Our favorite shot comes when we see a line of mirrored Reneés displaying different emotions in one big line.

From the moment Rapp’s powerful, dazzling voice erupted in ‘Tattoos,’ we knew we would love this song for a long time. From the relatable lyrics, to the gorgeous vocals, to the blooming artistry, to the raw music video, this song is one that leaves its mark instantly, just like its title suggests.

Reneé’s vocals soar on ‘Tattoos’ and leave us with the surety that she was meant for this (but we already knew that).

After her career took off with her show-stopping portrayal of Regina George in the Tony-nominated Broadway production of Mean Girls, she found widespread notoriety from publications around the country. Most recently, after her performance as Leighton in Mindy Kaling’s The Sex Lives of College Girls, she’s found even more success as a gifted actress.

We cannot wait to see what new heights Reneé reaches in 2022. The future is bright, especially as she recently signed with Interscope Records and is working toward a full-length debut album!

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Stream ‘Tattoos’ here!

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