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If You Loved ‘Before,’ Here Are Four More Of Our Favorite NIKI Songs You Need To Hear

If You Loved ‘Before,’ Here Are Four More Of Our Favorite NIKI Songs You Need To Hear

Now, we all know that Niki is a vocal and lyrical powerhouse, as displayed through her work with 88rising and in her own personal discography. However, her newest single, ‘Before,’ has truly reaffirmed for us that she is a force to be reckoned with in the alternative genre. Combining her usual phenomenal vocals with melancholic lyrics, ‘Before’ creates a uniquely sad yet addictive atmosphere that we absolutely love. Described by Niki herself as “the irresolute ending to my very first love story,” the song is the first single from her new upcoming album, Nicole, and definitely makes us curious to hear what the rest of the album will sound like.

Alongside the song, Niki has also released a music video, directed by Isaac Ravishankara and starring Adrian Sudarso opposite Niki. The video perfectly captures the feelings of heartbreak described in the song and, honestly, feels more like a film than a music video. You can see the video below, however, it is definitely a tear-jerker so make sure you get some tissues first.

So, since we loved ‘Before’ so much, we figured that this would be the perfect opportunity to shed some light on four more of our other favorite Niki songs!

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‘Shouldn’t Couldn’t Wouldn’t’

Released on 88rising’s Head in the Clouds II album, ‘Shouldn’t Couldn’t Wouldn’t’ feels quite different to her more recent discography in terms of genre and style, resembling more of her early work. The song perfectly demonstrates Niki’s ability to take on a more R’n’B sound and we at THP simply can’t get enough of it! Similar to ‘Before,’ ‘Shouldn’t Couldn’t Wouldn’t’ discusses themes such as love and relationships in a way that is so addictive to listen to. Plus, it has a Rich Brian feature and mentions astrology in the lyrics. What more could we want??  

‘Every Summertime’

While this song may have come out almost a year ago, we at THP are still streaming it to this day. Released for the Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings soundtrack, ‘Every Summertime’ has a chilled-out retro sound that captures the vibe of Summer extremely well. Garnering over an impressive 220 million streams, this is a perfect feel-good tune for any playlist. The video released by Marvel alongside the song is also very cute and makes us wonder where we could get a free Niki concert in the middle of a grocery store? If you know, then please do share the info ASAP. 


In the past, Niki has cited R’n’B artists such as Destiny’s Child and Aaliyah as her biggest influences, and on this track, you can definitely hear that. Also a release from 88rising’s Head in the Clouds II album, ‘Indigo’ is another R’n’B track that showcases Niki’s impressive vocal abilities and makes for a super enjoyable listening experience. Perhaps what we love most about this song, however, is its accompanying music video in which Niki is shown to lure in and poison men who then serve her. Honestly, though, who wouldn’t be lured in by a voice like Niki’s?


As well as Destiny’s Child and Aaliyah, Niki has also mentioned Taylor Swift as being one of her greatest inspirations and we think that Taylor herself would be proud of this song. In a very Taylor-like manner, Niki uses the lyrics of ‘Split’ to portray a clear story of identity and place and she executes this with hauntingly beautiful vocals that really draw the listener into the story she is telling. The song comes from 88rising’s upcoming Head in the Clouds III album and we already know that every song with Niki on is going straight into our playlists. 

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So, what do you think of ‘Before?’ What are your favorite Niki songs? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram.


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