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6 New Years Day Songs To Check Out Before Their Tour With Halestorm

6 New Years Day Songs To Check Out Before Their Tour With Halestorm

Let’s do a little imagining: it’s 2015 and your little punk heart is stoked for the Warped Tour lineup announcement. The day has finally arrived and you quickly log onto their website to see a ton of your favorite pop-punk bands. You peruse through the rest of the list before a certain photo jumps out at you. It’s almost eerie, but definitely alluring, and it leaves you curious about who this talented group is. The answer? New Years Day!

Throwback to that exact photo with a teaser for their 2014 track ‘The Joker…’

Spearheaded by lead singer Ash Costello and guitarist Nikki Misery, New Years Day has seen a lot of lineup changes and artistic growth since that fateful day we discovered them so many years ago. But what has stayed constant is the fact that they pour their hearts into every song they create, whether they’re leaning into their rock and metal roots or playing with synthesizers for a more nu-age sound. And that fact hasn’t gone unnoticed, because they’re gearing up to go on tour with the incredible Halestorm!

In September and October, NYD will be joining Halestorm and fellow support act The Warning in cities like Atlanta, GA, and Sacramento, CA. After over a decade in the business, you already know the energy New Years Day brings on stage will be unbelievable. So whether you’re planning on grabbing tickets here on June 10th or you can’t make it to a show, we thought we’d put you onto this amazing band’s music! Grab your earbuds, dim the lights if you wanna set the right ambiance, and let’s dive in…

‘Only Happy When It Rains’ With Lzzy Hale

We’re kicking off with this cover of Garbage’s ‘Only Happy When It Rains’ for two reasons: one, because you might already know the original and it’d be an easy segue into their discography. Two, since they’re about to hit the road with Halestorm, a Lzzy Hale-assisted track is the perfect fit! From Ash’s commanding vocals to Lzzy’s signature growl, this is a masterclass in how to handle a cover song. 

“Pour your misery down on me…” 


One of NYD’s biggest songs to date, ‘Skeletons’ can best be described as just epic. From the energetic guitar to that eerie piano vibe that grows into a crescendo of a chorus, this track is all about getting to know someone on a deeper level than others do, playing on the idea of having “skeletons in your closet.” We’re obsessed with how they took an everyday phrase and turned it into such an anthem!

And we didn’t even mention the stunning music video, which Ash handled by herself while the band was separated during COVID-19 lockdowns. It’s really a top-notch example of their artistry and commitment to giving their fans absolutely everything.

“I don’t fear the dark, show me all your scars
I wanna know who you are…” 

‘Let Me Down’

This non-single from 2014 is a definite standout in New Years Day’s discography, touching on Ash’s complicated relationship with her dad. If you’re in one of those awkward situations where you want an apology from someone but you know they won’t deliver, it’s time to turn the volume up and blast this track. And that bridge where Ash is screaming and insists “now it’s my turn to walk out on you?” Absolutely immaculate. 

“All I wanted was a little closure
All I got was the coldest shoulder…”


When you’re going through a tough time, sometimes you just need a song to remind you, “I won’t shatter” and that you’re stronger than you realize. For us, ‘Unbreakable’ is that song! This track sees Ash confronting someone who underestimates her and harnessing her own power to break free. It’s a battle cry for that moment when you decide to focus on your own growth and healing rather than what someone else thinks and it’ll have you rooting for NYD for four minutes and eleven seconds. No wonder they chose this as the title track for their 2019 album!

“You don’t know me
I’m stronger than you know
‘Cause unbreakable pieces won’t shatter…” 

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We’re gonna dig a little deeper into New Years Day’s catalog with this deep cut from their 2013 Victim To Villian album that always just gets us. It tells a story of eternal love in a morbid, yet touching, light that really drives home the main message of the song. Excuse us for a moment while we manifest a music video for this song with Ash and her husband as Sally and Jack Skellington in a Tim Burton, Nightmare Before Christmas wonderland. It’s never too late!

“When all that’s left is skin and bones
I’ll still have love for you…”

‘Defame Me’

No NYD song rec list would be complete without the classic that is ‘Defame Me!’ From the moment the “woah, woah, oh” vocals kick in, we get a big boost of adrenaline that hypes us up for the rest of the song. We think this song still offers some of Ash’s best vocals to date and gives us such a rush of confidence and empowerment. 

“If you keep shutting me out, it’s gonna haunt you
When you choke on your words…” 

Content Warning: Flashing lights.

What are your favorite New Years Day songs? Are you gonna see them when they take the stage with Halestorm? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for even more irresistible song recs, click here


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