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5 Things We Love About Amelia Moore’s teaching a robot how to love

5 Things We Love About Amelia Moore’s teaching a robot how to love

Amelia Moore teaching a robot how to love

Amelia Moore recently released her debut EP, teaching a robot how to love, and we’re in love with it! Everything about this EP is unique and raw, from the lyrics, to the production and Amelia’s vocals! Here are five things we love about teaching a robot how to love!

1. The intro

The intro introduces us to the story of this EP perfectly! In the intro, Amelia sings about how the person she loves is a robot by comparing and contrasting what she does to what they do. “Cause under the bricks and codes and lack of expression oh, there’s someone there. There’s gotta be.” At the end of the intro, a robotic voice says, “I don’t know how to be human,” which could be interpreted as a response to her thoughts. We admire Amelia’s creativity in this intro! The robotic voice at the end really set it off!

2. The production 

The production in teaching a robot how to love is everything!! From the parts where Amelia talks in her songs to the intro and outro, these things make the EP a smooth listen! The transitions from song to song are brilliant and add to the story of the EP! In between ‘vinegar’ and ‘teaching a robot how to love,’ there’s a transition where it sounds like Amelia is in the hospital as she tries to fix the heart of her love interest. We love the production of teaching a robot how to love so much! We could listen to it for hours based on that alone, thanks to Inverness and Pink Slip! 

3. Amelia’s vocals 

We’re in love with Amelia and how she sang throughout this whole EP! Her vocals range from gentle in ‘moves,’ to bold and soulful in tracks like ‘crybaby’! We believe that her greatest vocal performance on teaching a robot how to love is on ‘I feel everything!’ In the song, she mixes both gentle and bold vocals to communicate the message in that song. Amelia even sings in a whistle tone at the end of ‘vinegar,’ and our jaws dropped when we heard it! We could listen to her sing all day! 

4. The lyrics 

The lyrics in this EP stand out from any other project we’ve heard this year so far! In ‘vinegar,’ Amelia sings about “feeling ready to face all of her baggage in a healthy and productive way,” according to her interview with PAPER Magazine. PAPER magazine praised Amelia for having the most powerful chorus of 2022, and we couldn’t agree more! In the chorus of ‘vinegar,’ Amelia sings, “Older now, smarter now, but it ain’t copacetic. Bombs that bleed inside of me, no one sees my Armageddon. Heavy crown, weigh me down but I can’t afford a medic.” When we heard these lyrics, we were shook to our core! The Honey POP applauds Amelia for her songwriting skills! 

5. The message 

The message of teaching a robot how to love, is that people are emotional beings, and they have to be loved in the right way when they enter relationships, or the relationship will become draining and toxic. Throughout the EP, Amelia made many points about how her partner was a robot that didn’t know how to feel, touch or love. At first, in the intro, she had hope that her partner had a heart, but more and more throughout the EP, she got more doubtful. In the end, you can’t teach a robot how to love when they have no capacity to in the first place! The most powerful lyric, in our opinion, is in ‘teaching a robot how to love:’ 

“But I’ma love you till they pick apart my skin and bones, replace my heart with lithium and maybe we’ll relate for once.” 

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