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The Ultimate The Aces Pride Playlist in Honor of ‘Girls Make Me Wanna Die’

The Ultimate The Aces Pride Playlist in Honor of ‘Girls Make Me Wanna Die’

Attention, Ace Faces! Our indie-pop queens, The Aces, are back with the perfect jam for Pride Month in ‘Girls Make Me Wanna Die.’ 

The new single marks the beginning of a brand new Aces era following their debut album When My Heart Felt Volcanic and the follow-up, Under My Influence. Their last single came in 2021 with the release of ‘Don’t Freak.’

‘Girls Make Me Wanna Die’ is the perfect anthem for Pride Month. We are obsessed with the song’s joyful expression of queer love and the pulsing beat that makes us wanna dance every time we listen. This song feels free, raw, and important. We love the fact that we get to witness its release and the pride that it sparks in so many fans.

“This song is a reflection on young first love, especially young first gay love. As queer people, many of our first love stories are born in secrecy, sometimes unrequited and painful. That experience was so torturous yet so exhilarating. This song is a culmination of our first love stories.”

The Aces via Instagram

Image Source: Adam Alonzo

In honor of the beautiful, iconic moment that is ‘Girls Make Me Wanna Die,’ we put together the ultimate Pride playlist to celebrate queer love with the flawless discography of The Aces!

‘Touch’ – I Don’t Like Being Honest, 2017

Taking it all the way back to the band’s 2017 EP, this song is an essential. It closes the EP with sugary alt-pop goodness.

Fave lyrics: “I can already feel it now / You’re closing in / Feel the pressure of your fingertips / On my skin.”

‘Volcanic Love’ – When My Heart Felt Volcanic, 2018

This Aces classic is a staple that we will always be obsessed with. It opens their excellent debut album on just the right note, full of sun-drenched summer energy and hopeless romanticism with a dash of angst.

Fave lyrics: “We love what can’t be good for us / And I’ve been sinking / Into my sheets alone at night / Under the ashes / The heat you left just won’t subside.”

‘Holiday’ – When My Heart Felt Volcanic, 2018

Another WMHFV track that is a stunner, this song is an ode to summer flings. The breezy vibe and sweet vocals capture the energy needed to deliver the story, making us connect with the confusion of a love interest who doesn’t know what they want.

Fave lyrics: “You say you want a holiday, want a holiday / I know just how to be your escape.”

‘Going Home’ – Under My Influence, 2020

The Aces’ sophomore album marked the first time they used specific pronouns in their music, and this standout ballad is one of our faves from this era. The lyrics are tender and heartfelt, and the music feels like a warm hug on a fall night. The sentiment that this song expresses is simply beautiful.

Fave lyrics: “It doesn’t matter where we go / As long as it’s just you and I / It feels like I’m going home.”

‘New Emotion’ – Under My Influence, 2020

This low-key bop describes a blossoming crush on a friend and the confusion that comes with that emotion. We love this song because it’s such a relatable experience, and the song itself is catchy and fun.

Fave lyrics: “About you in my arms / How you’d feel in the dark / Under moonlight.”

‘Good Time’ – Under My Influence (Deluxe), 2021

This banger is the perfect one-night stand anthem all about having the best time and being carefree. We love its energy and its super catchy hook.

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Fave lyrics: “She could keep me up all night / And I wouldn’t even mind / Cause I would let it all go for a good time.”

There you have it – consider ‘Girls Make Me Wanna Die’ our new favorite queer anthem!

Stream ‘Girls Make Me Wanna Die’ here!

You can also catch the girlies on tour here!

What’s your fave The Aces song? Let us know on Twitter @thehoneypop or in the comments below!

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