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We Love Machine Gun Kelly’s mainstream sellout Tour Setlist ‘more than life’

We Love Machine Gun Kelly’s mainstream sellout Tour Setlist ‘more than life’

Machine Gun Kelly finally kicked off his mainstream sellout Tour and we’re absolutely buzzing about it! This is set to be Kells’ biggest tour yet, even bringing some of his most talented friends for the ride as openers and special guests: Avril Lavigne, blackbear, iann dior, Travis Barker, Trippie Redd, and WILLOW. What a lineup!

Whether you have tickets and wanna make sure you know every word by heart, or don’t and wanna live vicariously through fans who did get to go (mood), we’ve got you! Here’s every song Machine Gun Kelly plays on the mainstream sellout Tour. 

Be aware that it might change, though – the first few shows of the Tickets To My Downfall Tour had extra songs like ‘In These Walls’ before he pared down the setlist, so we might not hear all these songs through the full tour. He brought out his opening acts for some performances together as well, so we’ll probably see more collabs when the openers switch up!

Intro Video

Colson makes fun of the internet for “putting him in a box” with a clip of him FaceTiming a pilot from inside a cardboard box, surrounded by packing peanuts. Of course, he also plays the pilot because he’s a multi-talented legend. The pilot says he’ll help free him from the box, which brings us to…

‘born with horns’

Kells kicked the night off on a high, quite literally. While performing the opening track of mainstream sellout, he was dangling from the ladder of a pink helicopter! Presumably, it’s much safer than his usual rafter-climbing antics, so we support this endeavor. What a start to the show.

‘god save me’

“It’s a good night, it’s a good night” to cry over Machine Gun Kelly’s talent. Not like we do that every night, why would we do that every night…? *nervous laughter* Anyway, ‘god save me’ is one of our favorite tracks from mainstream sellout and we appreciate that for the first few songs, he played the album in order.


One of the pre-release singles from mainstream sellout, ‘maybe’ is two minutes and fifty seconds of pure adrenaline and energy. From the moment the more mellow intro guitar kicks in, we know we’re in for a treat, and the bolder riffs later in the song prove us right! This is probably incredible live.

‘mainstream sellout’

There’s something so satisfying knowing that not only did Colson reclaim the meaning of being a “mainstream sellout,” but that he’s also singing ‘mainstream sellout’ to a bunch of sold-out crowds. “You sold out and it makes me” super proud! What a special moment to celebrate with EST all over the world.

‘drunk face’

The playful ‘drunk face’ is ironically one of the sadder songs on Tickets to My Downfall, tackling empty relationships and unhealthy drug habits over a deceivingly upbeat instrumental. We’re so glad that Kells kept it on the setlist for this tour because it never fails to boost our mood and make us feel less alone in what we’re going through. 

‘concert for aliens’

‘concert for aliens’ quickly became a fan favorite after MGK played a snippet on Good Morning America with Travis Barker, and we still love it just as much as the first time we heard it! The song talks about social pressures and how people deemed “failures” can regain control over their life despite what others may think. Kinda foreshadowed the mainstream sellout era, huh?

‘all i know’

‘all i know’ is a bittersweet collaboration with Trippie Redd, describing MGK and Trippie’s reckless habits (like driving without a license) and lingering feelings of loneliness. Trippie is opening up for some shows later in the tour, so fingers crossed that he jumps out to join Kells for it!


Even without Lil Wayne present, ‘ay!’ goes off live! The crowd was absolutely digging it and so were we, through our computer screens. The colored lights brought the checkerboard stage to life in such a cool way as well, and Kells’ choreo kept everyone hyped up while Wayne’s recorded verse played! 


The absolute bop that is ‘jawbreaker’ doesn’t get nearly enough recognition, so we’re glad Colson is giving it a slot on the mainstream sellout setlist! It’s a feel-good moment in the mix with some of the heavier songs in his discography and if the crowd doesn’t dance along with all their energy the whole time, we’ll be thoroughly disappointed.

‘more than life’

Kells gave his opening night crowd a preview of ‘more than life,’ his highly-anticipated collab with glaive, and we’re so jealous! It sounds like an absolute banger and the lyrics touch on his fears of opening his heart, which hits different knowing his fiancé Megan Fox was in the crowd that night. We’ll be grabbing a copy of the mainstream sellout vinyl, which includes ‘more than life’ as a bonus track, and playing it on full blast to pretend we were there.

‘die in california’

One of the most introspective songs on mainstream sellout is ‘die in california’ with Landon Barker, Gunna, and Young Thug, which breaks down Kells’ relationship with fame and his mental health. This song is gonna hit different at the California dates and we’re admittedly jealous of everyone who has tickets to those.

‘Till I Die’

Kells pays homage to his Cleveland roots on ‘Till I Die’ from his 2015 album, General Admission, and it’s become a testament to his growth as an artist in the years since. We definitely didn’t expect this track to be on the setlist, but we’ll never complain about it getting the recognition it deserves! We hope it helps some of the newer, pop-punk-preferring fans get into his older catalog, and that it helps older EST grow even prouder of Col.

‘Floor 13’

Kells brought one of our favorite high-energy Hotel Diablo raps to the mainstream sellout era with a guitar-driven makeover and we can’t get enough. ‘Floor 13’ boasts his success and staying power in the industry, something he’s proven more than ever over the past few years. This song gets us wayyyyy too hyped up, but we won’t apologize. 


The OG version of ‘papercuts’ was the first taste we got of mainstream sellout and reflects on his growth as an artist since his mixtape days. By the time the album came out, we got a new rap verse on it that touches on how he didn’t switch genres – he simply “saw the limit and took it farther.” Well said! It looks like we’ll get to hear the rap version of the track every night onstage.

‘title track’

‘title track’ is the first song on Tickets to My Downfall, describing MGK’s qualms about fame and fake friends over a minimalist acoustic intro, before it explodes into a triumphant chorus that ironically introduced us to one of his biggest eras to date: “I’m selling tickets to my downfall…” No downfalls here, just hits and new heights!

‘kiss kiss’

‘kiss kiss’ is one of the most energetic songs on Tickets To My Downfall, detailing a fun night out over a catchy guitar riff. So of course Kells had to whip out the pink TTMD guitar! We missed her so much and we’re very thankful for her safe return. But back to the song itself, we’ve been obsessed ever since MGK previewed it at a party and videos found their way onto Instagram.

‘bloody valentine’

This iconic track needs no introduction, but we’ll give one anyway. Colson originally wrote ‘bloody valentine’ about Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip, but it grew into the ultimate anthem for his relationship with Megan Fox after she appeared in the official music video. Singing along with it now feels like a nostalgic moment reflecting on the success he’s found in pop-punk!

‘roll the windows up’

Throughout 2020, Kells kept fans busy with his Lockdown Sessions, a series of covers and freestyle raps that he uploaded on YouTube. ‘roll the windows up,’ also known as ‘Smoke and Drive,’ is his spin on Mike Posner’s 2009 track ‘Smoke and Drive,’ sharing his affinity for smoking with a beat that will effortlessly drill its way into your heart. 

‘el Diablo’

“Stop the debate” if ‘el Diablo’ isn’t in your list of the best MGK songs, because it’s pretty unanimous that it’s a standout! It’s honestly kind of embarrassing how many times we’ve tried to nail the “If my name isn’t mentioned in this generation as one of the greatest from lyrics to cadence…” section alone in our room at 2 AM, but don’t @ us. Just play this song on full blast.

‘WWIII’ And ‘WW4’

Despite being the shortest track on Tickets to My Downfall, “WWIII” might just be the most energetic song on the album. In just under a minute, MGK calls out skeptics and the media for underestimating and judging him, and he continues the pattern on the mainstream sellout track ‘WW4.’ Name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait!

‘emo girl’

Love it or hate it, ‘emo girl’ did exactly what Kells wanted it to do: it’s a fun song that fans can jam out to! Since WILLOW is opening some shows later in the tour, we have our fingers crossed that she’ll come out onstage to perform this at least a handful of times. The energy between those two is immaculate and matches the song’s vibe so well.


On the high-energy ‘5150,’ Kells addresses his mental health and admits his fears that he might hurt someone he loves. It’s one of the more vulnerable moments on mainstream sellout, but he turns it into a stadium-ready anthem that celebrates the vulnerability he pours into all of his songs. Plus we always love to see him break out a guitar onstage!

See Also

‘nothing inside,’ ‘Sick and Tired,’ And ‘fake love don’t last’ With iann dior

No songs can get us hyped up quite like a collab between Colson and iann dior, and they delivered not one, not two, but three of those on the mainstream sellout tour setlist! We’re so glad iann is opening for so many shows on this tour, because now we’re gonna be spoiled like this all summer.

We got the TTMD favorite ‘nothing inside,’ which describes a crumbling relationship, iann’s track ‘Sick and Tired’ with Kells and Travis Barker, a trap punk track about missing someone after a breakup, and the latest, the adrenaline-heavy ‘fake love don’t last.’


The raw ‘lonely’ is a tribute to Colson’s late father, who passed in 2020 on the first anniversary of his Hotel Diablo album. They didn’t have the best relationship when he was growing up, but they thankfully got to reconnect before he passed and the studio version of ‘lonely’ ends with a conversation between them. We weren’t sure if he’d want to perform such a devastating track on this tour, but keeping it on the setlist is a beautiful way to keep his memory alive.

‘I Think I’m OKAY’

No Machine Gun Kelly setlist is complete without the 2019 smash ‘I Think I’m OKAY,’ a collab with YUNGBLUD and Travis Barker that foreshadowed his shift in focus to pop-punk! With a catchy guitar riff, anthemic vocals, and hard-hitting drums, it’s a live staple that never fails to get the crowd screaming along.

‘forget me too’

One of the most unforgettable songs on Tickets to My Downfall is ‘forget me too,’ a rocking collab with Halsey that the crowd absolutely ate up on opening night. They might’ve just played Halsey’s studio vocals during her parts, but the energy was so pumped up during these few minutes!

‘make up sex’ And ‘my ex’s best friend’ With blackbear

Just like with iann earlier in the set, Colson brought out blackbear for two of their most iconic collabs to date: ‘make up sex’ and ‘my ex’s best friend!’ The former is a boppy track about taking advantage of the frustration that comes up during fights with a partner, while the latter is the ultimate crush song that went to #20 on the Billboard Hot 100, has a platinum certification, and went to #1 on U.S. alt radio. 

Can you believe the opening night of this tour was the first time they ever performed ‘my ex’s best friend’ together? It’s kinda unfair bear won’t be at the New York show to see how hyped the crowd gets during the “I kissed you for the first time in New York City” lyric.

‘sid and nancy’

Simply put, ‘sid and nancy’ is a love story for the ages. Kells wrote it as a birthday present for Megan Fox one year and the results were so legendary that he decided to gift it to us as well. Everyone say “thank you, Megson!” It feels like a little sister to the anthem that is ‘jawbreaker,’ so naturally, we adore it.

‘twin flame’

Like how he closed the Tickets To My Downfall Tour with ‘bloody valentine,’ Kells ends the mainstream sellout shows with another tribute to Megan, in the form of ‘twin flame.’ This might be one of the most emotional songs in his discography and we love seeing how it translates to an arena show, especially with its switch from a gentle acoustic section to an explosive finale.

What’s your favorite song on the setlist? Is there a song you hope he adds later? Make sure you grab your tickets right here if you haven’t already, and tell us what date you’re going to on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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