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HAVET Is Letting Out Our Inner ‘Child’ With Their New Song

HAVET Is Letting Out Our Inner ‘Child’ With Their New Song


For years, sisters Mimi and Josy blew our minds with their singing and musical strength. Winning The Voice Kids: Germany in 2019, the girls stood strong, ready to make their mark in the music world… and they have with this new song! Their first single under the new duo name of HAVET, ‘Child,’ is a song that reminds us to remember the fun times of our past and believe in the future. The track shows a different side to the duo, so let’s dive into their talent! 😉

Image Source: Leonie Spiess

The Beginning Of Mimi And Josy’s Journey

While ‘Child’ is their debut single as HAVET, the sisters gained fame participating in The Voice Kids: Germany. Their rendition of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ in the blind auditions sent chills down our spines from the harmonies and power they had. The pair soon went on to win the season, cementing their desire to continue singing and creating new music.

The Transition To HAVET

Since their win, Mimi and Josy developed a new sound, and it’s just as amazing as ever. And assuredly so, the song came out to be everything we wanted and more. The music video was refreshing, focusing on the voices and message. Moreover, the lyrics brought back memories and the emotions associated with them. Here are three reasons everyone should check out ‘Child’ by HAVET!

The Vocals

We will never get tired of stressing this, but we must highlight HAVET’s voices! The duo’s range from slower and subtle lines to higher notes in the chorus is nothing less than immaculate. Their voices blend harmoniously, and it awes us every time we hear them. Mimi and Josy already have several covers on their YouTube channel (that are beautiful to hear), but ‘Child’ being an original song is another factor we love.

The Message

Furthermore, the lyrics and message are worth looking up! The girls emphasize looking back on their childhood years and reminiscing. For example, the lines “Feel all my worries passing by/Cause in a corner of my mind/I still am this happy child” show how we miss the old memories and times. The stories and lyrics are so relatable for those of us dealing with stress from life. Even though ‘Child’ touches on a tough subject like life, HAVET reminds us that the future is worth looking forward to–and that we should be proud of our past since it brought us to where we are today.

Not that long ago I was having this dream
All these random people put their issues on me
Trying to put me down but I take it easy 
proud of being part of my Family tree

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The Personalities And Dedication

Mimi and Josy are so talented with their songs, but they also showcase their involvement with the behind-the-scenes. On the one hand, the girls are starring in the music video, but they also assist the other professionals with a smile on their faces. The sisters do everything from set-up to welcoming other staff and dancers. Here, Mimi and Josy let their personalities shine, enjoying themselves while being deeply involved with the creation of their music.

Mimi and Josy are growing talents everyone should watch out for in the future, especially since they’re still teenagers. If this is the content released now, we are ecstatic to hear what is coming next! You can listen to ‘Child’ on various streaming sites shown here. What are your thoughts on HAVET and this new track? Feel free to reply in the comments below or through our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


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