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Our Five Favorite Empowering Songs From Lizzo

Our Five Favorite Empowering Songs From Lizzo

Despite preparing for a US tour, gearing up to release a new album, and announcing a documentary, Lizzo has somehow found the time to release another new single, ‘Grrrls.’ This is the infectious second single from her upcoming album Special, and follows after the viral sensation that is ‘About Damn Time.’ Currently being hailed one of the biggest songs in the world since its release. Like ‘About Damn Time,’ ‘Grrrls’ reaffirms the fact that Lizzo is truly the Queen of empowering pop songs.

So, to celebrate the release of the new single, we’ve rounded up our top five favorite empowering Lizzo songs that are guaranteed to make you feel ‘Good as Hell.’

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Despite having only just been released, Lizzo’s newest single is already one of our favorite songs from her new album. ‘Grrrls’ is a bop that champions female friendships and the empowerment of women. With lyrics like ‘That’s my girl, we CEOs,’ Lizzo is able to create an uplifting and exciting atmosphere that is simply addictive. We’re sure this will be the perfect club anthem at every girls-night-out for years to come.

‘Truth Hurts’

While this song may be five years old, it certainly still holds up as one of Lizzo’s best and most empowering songs. Focusing on a breakup, ‘Truth Hurts’ boldly makes listeners question the treatment they receive in relationships and empowers them to seek better for themselves. Like ‘GRRRLS,’ ‘Truth Hurts’ also discusses the importance of female friendships and highlights how important friends are to our own individual empowerment. It also, however, really makes us at THP wish Lizzo was our best friend, so, Lizzo, if you’re reading this, feel free to contact us.


‘Soulmate’ is perhaps one of Lizzo’s most underrated yet most empowering songs, and we feel as though more people should know about it. In ‘Soulmate,’ Lizzo discusses the idea that she is her own soulmate and how ‘true love only happens when you by yourself.’ While we at THP personally think that Lizzo is our soulmate, we still think this is an extremely important and empowering message for Lizzo to put out. This song is perfect for singing at the top of your lungs and will definitely make you feel like your own soulmate.  

‘Good as Hell’

Released as a single from her 2019 Cuz I Love You album, ‘Good as Hell’ is the ultimate post-breakup anthem. In this song, she reminds us that we don’t need a partner to lift us up or to make us feel great. They simply need to toss their hair and check their nails. Lizzo reaffirms this empowering message through the accompanying video that depicts three girls going through different struggles before regaining their confidence and following Lizzo’s advice to “boss up and change your life.” We have no choice but to stan!

‘Like a Girl’

Lizzo uses ‘Like a Girl’ to promote a message of female empowerment that we at THP are very much here for. Referencing icons like Lauryn Hill, Serena Williams, and Chaka Khan, Lizzo’s lyrics tell women everywhere that they can do or be anything they want to be. Whether it’s becoming the President or winning big at Wimbledon, women can do it all if they do it ‘Like a Girl.’ As well as being an absolute feminist anthem, this song also has some of our favorite Lizzo vocals. Those runs at the end of the song?? Jaw-dropping.

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What Lizzo songs make you feel most empowered? What do you think of her new single ‘Grrrls?’ Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram

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