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3 Halsey Bridges Penned by Their Blue-Haired Self, Including One That Was ‘So Good’

3 Halsey Bridges Penned by Their Blue-Haired Self, Including One That Was ‘So Good’

We here at The Honey POP produce a few extra ‘!!!’’s when an artist (in this case, Halsey) travels back into their discographies to form an interconnected musical web between what they just released at midnight and what came out years ago. Whether it’s the cackle of Taylor Swift’s laugh first appearing on a reputation track to then show up again in ‘I Forgot That You Existed’ to reference the snakegate drama or Harry Styles’s resplendent reimagination of camera angles in his’ ‘Golden’ music video, they know just what they’re doing! As she drops ‘So Good,’ a song that needed some extra internet help to get into our grabby hands, it’s Halsey’s turn!

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“No, it’s not right,” Halsey exclaims in the MV, lifting themselves up from the chair to walk towards a lit-up set where their former self is sitting in front of a mirror in that infamous blue do that kicked off the Badlands era. While the music video strategically walks us through the notion of someone who once played a background role in their lives through the use of both a video camera and a webcam, turning into a romantic interest, it’s also highly character-driven! So when’s a better time than now to return to that album by exploring three of its bridges and then take a sharp turn onto ‘So Good’s? 


Halsey was once just like us, camping out in a bedroom on a Friday night while their mouse clicks nursed the easy scrolling of a Tumblr account. In fact, ‘Colors’ bridge “(You were red, and you liked me because I was blue // But you touched me, and suddenly I was a lilac sky // Then you decided purple just wasn’t for you)” first appeared as a poem on the platform, which caused a bit of a riot as others suspected she had plagiarized someone’s post, only to later discuss during an episode of Hot Ones that it was their blog. It’s one of the first hints of how poetic their pen can go, illustrating a relationship that slowly lost all of its vibrancy. 


This techno-grunge femme fatale anthem wasn’t originally found on Badlands either but sat as the third track on Halsey’s Room 93 EP before moving down two on the former’s deluxe edition. It tells the tale of a damaged boy who’s not looking for a relationship but just a thrill for the night, yet the little lady’s “(Though lately, I like ’em crazy // Oh, maybe, you could devastate me // Little lady, come and fade me)” he’s fixed on turns it around so he’s caught in her web.


Halsey’s been public about their mental health struggles, noting that they experience bipolar disorder, and this track sits as an exploration of it. Its bridge “(I’m well acquainted with villains that live in my head // They beg me to write them so they’ll never die when I’m dead // and I’ve grown acquainted with villains that live in my head // They beg me to write them so they’ll never die when I’m dead)” is really interesting from a writer’s perspective, as one’s literacy scribbles will often serve as one’s eulogy, those words evidently left spoken at a time when they can’t be around to say anything more. 

So Good

Finally, when curating all of those blue tress earworms together, one can find a pathway to ‘So Good’s destination, having Halsey note to a fan on Twitter,

Manic was also kinda about me struggling with love and accepting love and being all over the place with myself. I think if I had had someone in my life like him, I wouldn’t have had the desire to make an album like Manic, to begin with, if that makes sense.

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Even if the thunder hits hard when we’re walking through rainy times, we have to survive those days to eventually reach our daylight; it’s in the lessons, those bundled-up thoughts, that get us to our true love that Halsey has now found. That’s what makes the couplet “She asked me if there’s any extra weight I carry, and do I think about the one that got away. I know his name, I think about him every day” tucked into the bridge powerful!

Jump into the Halsey time machine with us by watching their music video for ‘So Good’ below! Is there a certain bridge that you still feel called to? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop


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