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5 Reasons Why Hoshi Is Our Role Model And Should Be Yours

5 Reasons Why Hoshi Is Our Role Model And Should Be Yours

As you might know, at The Honey POP, we love SEVENTEEN. They’re the reason why we’re happy every day. If you’re not already a CARAT, the problem will soon be solved. Because today, we’re gonna put the charming asset of SEVENTEEN in the spotlight (with SEVENTEEN as special guest). Dear CARATs and future CARATs, here’s ✨Hoshi ✨!

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To put it simply, Kwon Soon Young is a singer, performer, dancer, the leader of Performance Team, a choreographer, lyricist, composer, soloist, entertainer, handsome visual, genius, and human tiger. *Breathe.* With such a profile, it’s going to be interesting. His personality inspires us, so here are 5 reasons why Hoshi is our role model!

His Devotion On Stage

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

If there’s a word that suits Hoshi the best, it’s energy. On stage, off stage, he’s always there to show you all the dynamism and implication he has. He gives his whole soul when it comes to performance and never fails to impress us, especially with songs with powerful dance routines such as ‘Bring It’ or ‘HOT.’

It’s like the minute he gets here, you better get moving because he’s going to show you everything he has. And he has a lot to give! Not to mention his mighty voice, a mix between an ethereal tone and smooth vocals. And if you hear one of SEVENTEEN members shout, “make some noise,” that’s him. He’s spontaneous, he’s fiery, he knows how to turn everyone into a wild mood. Well, he’s what we call a born performer.

His Hard Work

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

Leader S.COUPS once chose him as the one who could have been the leader. Because of two things he owns: charisma and a will to do a good job. And that’s right. Hoshi might be a jokester but when it’s time to perform or rehearse, he turns into a pretty serious person. He’s even scary, according to his fellow members. As Team Performance leader, he gives his all to create beautiful and meaningful choreographies and makes sure everyone can follow by giving them pieces of advice.

Our beautiful genius has a solo schedule too! He dropped one of the most exquisite songs of 2021: ‘Spider.’ While he was turning into a human spider, he showed us that he has no limit when it comes to expressing himself by dancing. Every stage of this song is a blessing. And now we can’t wait to hear new self-written solo releases from him! To put it simply, he dreams far and fast with his I-never-give-up spirit.

His Passion 🐯

Hoshi loves SHINee, hugging his members, baggy clothes, mirror selfies, Jun’s shabu-shabu dish, and so many more little things. But above all, this cutie has a little passion of his own: tigers.

He has a tiger inside and acts like a tiger whenever he can (and The8 loves it). He has shirts with tiger patterns, a tiger phone case, a song that will stick in your head called ‘Horangi Power’ (in Korean, “Horangi” means “tiger”). And now, his tiger agenda is a registered trademark.

Don’t you dare to call him a hamster, he’s a tiger… But we see you, SEVENTEEN. Don’t pretend that you don’t fall for Hoshi-the-cute-tiger. Because we have proof of everyone adopting his tiger pose. In conclusion, when he loves something, it’s with true passion. He inspires us to find ourselves something we do believe in and to stick to it. We do believe in Hoshi being our role model.

Introvert/Extrovert, He Does It All

You’ve probably never seen anyone as loud as him. He’s always here to make a fuss and to brighten the mood. No one can stay still next to him, he brings too much heat. And when he’s with DK and Seungkwan (famously known as BooSeokSoon), that’s the end.

Image Source: Tenor

Basically, he’s an extrovert. But he keeps saying that the truth is nothing less than the contrary. Sometimes, Kwon Soon Young is all about cuteness. It shows when he receives compliments or when CARATs shout his name.

Hoshi is sometimes shy and well, it’s kinda cute to our eyes. Watch him turning into a maknae! It’s lovely as possible (and really funny)!

See Also

The handsome Hoshi is all about love. He knows a bunch of pick-up lines and never fails to shake CARATs’ hearts. And well, he’s not afraid to say to his members that he cares for them. He shares their personal work on his networks and he’s always here to provide us a glimpse of their life behind the stage, with a lot of pictures. Our sweet Hoshi is all about giving and receiving love!

He’s Not Scared Of Anything

Here’s our last point to explain why Hoshi is our role model! This man isn’t afraid of anything. He can just bungee jump without even breathing before, trying new jokes, saying goodbye to idol etiquette. He’s not afraid to say what he wants. He’s SEVENTEEN’s official spoiler fairy. If we compiled everything that he has already spoiled, there would be enough to make a ten-volume encyclopedia.

Image Source: Tenor

And if there’s one thing he’s not frightened about, that’s his members. Because he belongs to the oldest line, he has a right to quietly annoy the younger ones. His favorite target is Seungkwan. They have a really passionate love/hate relationship, based on a lot of teasing. They bicker constantly, but ten seconds later, they’re best friends again. To put it short, the friendly and caring Hoshi never fails to make us laugh with his boldness while interacting with his members.

To Conclude: We Love Hoshi

Image Source: Weverse Magazine

One article is not enough to detail everything we love about Hoshi and why he’s our role model. He’s a shining diamond in the whole music industry. No wonder that with his outstanding talent and all the things he has already achieved, a lot more is yet to come. We can’t wait to see what his future holsd!

We need to hear from you now! Why is Hoshi your inspiration? What makes him light up your day? Let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram! Want all the latest news about SEVENTEEN? Click right here!


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