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SEVENTEEN’s Hottest Era Right Here: 7 ‘Hot’ Examples

SEVENTEEN’s Hottest Era Right Here: 7 ‘Hot’ Examples

We’re still trying to process everything related to SEVENTEEN right now. They’re a little too much to handle. With their solid album, mature compositions, a great lead single, and amazing performances, they spread hotness all over the place! So, to celebrate their 7th place on the Billboard, here are seven really ‘Hot’ facts about SEVENTEEN. 

Hot Charts

Congrats to SEVENTEEN from CARATs, non-CARATs, the whole world, and outer space for reaching 7th place on Billboard 200. Our boys are in the top 10! This is their best entry so far (bigger things will happen soon, we can feel it). Their 4th studio album, Face The Sun, proves that they were meant to go even higher.

Remember, Your Choice, and Attacca charted at No.15 and No.13, respectively. Back there, we were already so thrilled. But now, it goes beyond excitement. 2021 was an amazing year for SEVENTEEN, but 2022 is definitely the year of big achievements. Mark. Our. Words. 

Hot Albums Sales

Who said no one sells albums anymore? Certainly not SEVENTEEN! Because here we are! This week, Face The Sun has been certified a top-selling album by Billboard. Yes! This album is a gem, and charts are here to confirm it. And in their home country, they sold 2.06M units in the first week of release (only BTS have made it before). Legendary JYJ’s Junsu even got his own copy!

The SEVENTEEN team took the right direction and is not ready to stop. The endless hours they spend working, and their ever-polishing talent is the reason for it all. It’s not easy, but SEVENTEEN has done it. What’s this feeling that overwhelms us? We’re feeling proud, Extremely proud! 

Hot Performances

It’s all about heat right now. SEVENTEEN gave us plenty of ‘HOT’ performances without giving us time to breathe in between. We have the ‘HOT’ official comeback, the ‘HOT’ Music Station, the cowboy version, the relay dance, the choreography version… No matter how many times we watched all those versions, we always wonder where they get all that energy from. SEVENTEEN = energy.

Let’s not forget the ‘HOT’ stages full of live vocals on Korean music shows, where they officially won two more trophies to add to their endless prize list.

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

Hot Style

It’s only natural that after talking about the performances, we talk about the outfits worn during the performances. Because their looks deserve all the recognition in the world. To put it briefly, it’s like they are competing to see who will be the freshest and the most fashionable.

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

The competition is tough and they all win first place. We’re not even talking about all those see-through shirts because they are way above the classification.

Hot Lyrics

With dark summer vibes, the album revolves around a strong thematics. The quest of who we are: “I don’t care if you say I’m crazy, a night where I burned my everything,” sings Jeonghan in the pre-chorus of ‘Don Quixote.’ The play between the light and the shadow returns several times: “Because even my darkness will shine brightly,” as the Vocal Team sings in the pre-chorus of ‘Shadow’ or “Shadow cast with my back to the sun turns to light again” in the third verse of ‘HOT’ sung by Woozi. 

There’s the need to be yourself: “The sun shines above the city, under it run, run, don’t stop, till the end be cool, be me,” says Vernon and Hoshi in the ‘March’ bridge. And in the end, trying to get too close to the light, the threat of turning into ashes looms over them: “I’ll become the umbrella of the desert, protecting us from burning up,” sings Jun in the first verse of the ending song ‘Ash.’ 

Woozi started to think about the album at the beginning of the year. With the help of the members, he imagined a timeline that revolves around the sun, its power, and its meaning. That’s why this masterpiece is full of poetry and… burning hot.

Hot Collaborations

SEVENTEEN are everywhere, and we cannot help but enjoy everything they’ve already dropped to the fullest. They also did a ton of Hot Challenge (alongside ENHYPENTXTfromis_9…). 

They were on every variety show to bring their humor and their happiness. The band even went to IU’s PaletteThey talked with IU! That was at this moment that our lives changed for the better. 

Hearing IU singing SVT’s songs and SVT singing IU’s songs was the gift we didn’t know we needed. What a blessing to hear so many pure and exquisite voices together! We still have a ton of hearts in our eyes.

Hot Future

We have a bunch of clues about what’s going to happen very soon. We already know about the Be The Sun World Tour (and we are waiting for more dates). But there’s something highly suspect… S.COUPS has one word in mind: ‘July. He keeps hinting that something big is going to happen in July. So what’s going to happen in July? A mixtape? From who? With who? For what? When? Because Dino told us that he had something in store for us during the fan meeting. A few days later, bam, his mixtape was out

No warning in Caratland! As says Mister Joshua Hong, people need to be ready 24/7! By the way, we should keep an eye on him. He confessed that he had something ready to drop and that the choreography was ready… Maybe it’s going to be a remix of ‘Sunday Morning’ who knows? Oh, and BooSeokSoon might have a comeback before the end of the year as well! How thrilling!

Bonus: Hot, Just Hot

Our boys are really hot right now. Sometimes, you know, we don’t need to look all over the place to find a little bit of happiness. SEVENTEEN are spoiling CARATs with kindness, warm messages, and gifts of all kinds. They post on absolutely every social network in their possession, and honestly, we like that spirit. We still wonder why all those pics become viral as soon as they’re posted… It’s probably because they look ‘hot’ 🔥. It’s probably because they look healthy, full of joy, and charming, and that’s all we ask for. 

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

SEVENTEEN is our sun and this sun shines ☀️brightly☀️ right now! We can’t wait to hear more from them very soon!

CARATs, what do you think about this era? Is Face The Sun their best yet? Let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!

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