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5 Songs to Get You Ready For The Everclear’s 30th Anniversary Tour

5 Songs to Get You Ready For The Everclear’s 30th Anniversary Tour

Everclear performing in Los Angeles

In case you missed it, the ’90s are back! From fashion and makeup trends to reboots of beloved movies and tv shows, this decade is back on-trend, and we’re loving it. This month, iconic alt-rock band Everclear rereleased their full-length debut album World Of Noise as a deluxe edition in honor of its’ 30th anniversary, and in anticipation of their upcoming North American tour! We’ve got you covered with five of their best songs to jam to. Whether you’re catching them on tour or looking for some rock for your playlist, look no further!

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‘Your Genius Hands’

‘Your Genius Hands’ is the first track off of World Of Noise, and there’s a reason it’s first on our list. It’s an essential grunge rock track with that essential raw sound. Straight out of the garage, Everclear establish themselves among the greatest of gritty ’90s rock. For fans of the genre, this is a must-listen.

‘Santa Monica’

‘Santa Monica’ is one of Everclear’s more well-known tracks. It’s a staple for any ’90s playlist or for any angsty main character moments. Not to mention how oh-so-nostalgic the music video is!

‘Everything To Everyone’

It’s easy to get buried in bad news with everything happening in the world today, and Everclear gets that. ‘Everything To Everyone’ is self-explanatory: don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to take care of everyone else. Feeling down? Add this song to your playlist!

‘AM Radio’

‘AM Radio’ is a song that calls back to the ’70s, another currently trendy time period. For those of us that grew up listening to the groovy music of this decade, ‘AM Radio’ is one that you’re sure to enjoy. It’s a throwback within a throwback, perfect for jamming out on a summer day.

‘I Will Buy You A New Life’

‘I Will Buy You A New Life’ is arguably Everclear’s most iconic song. You’ve probably heard it before, but that doesn’t mean it’s undeserving of the title! This is a classic ’90s jam and an essential to add to your library before the tour ends.

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These are our top five picks to check out before seeing Everclear’s 30th Anniversary Tour, but we want to know what you think! Leave a comment or tweet us, @thehoneypop!


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