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P1Harmony And Pink Sweat$’ Collaboration Timeline To Celebrate ‘Gotta Get Back’

P1Harmony And Pink Sweat$’ Collaboration Timeline To Celebrate ‘Gotta Get Back’

P1Harmony Pink Sweat$’ Collaboration Timeline Gotta Get Back

P1eces, can you believe that P1Harmony and Pink Sweat$ have finally gotten together to collaborate? Neither can we! It’s crazy to think that what started as a cover transformed into a full-blown collab! So let’s take a look through the timeline of the legendary P1Harmony and Pink Sweat$ collaboration to celebrate their song, ‘Gotta Get Back!’

Phase 1: Jiung Covering ’At My Worst’ On VLive

It all started in February 2022, when Jiung sang along to Pink Sweat$’s song ‘At My Worst’ on a live stream. This P1ece posted this clip to which Pink Sweat$ himself responded; you’ll see that next!

Phase 2: Pink Sweat$ Acknowledging Jiung’s Cover

And here you can see Pink Sweat$ acknowledging the cover on Twitter on the same day the cover was posted! How sweet!

Phase 3: Jiung Responding To Pink Sweat$

A day later, Jiung responded to Pink Sweat$, expressing his admiration for the R&B singer and hoping to collaborate in the future! Thankfully, his wish came true not too long after this.

Phase 4: P1Harmony Posts Official Cover Of ‘At My Worst’

On March 4th, 2022, Piwon uploaded this official group cover of ‘At My Worst’ on YouTube. Like every cover that P1Harmony does, they made it their own by giving it a special flair, and they nailed it. We also love that they were all wearing pink, an homage to the original singer.

Phase 5: Pink Sweat$ Seeing Them On Tour

On March 27th, after Piwon had to postpone their tour briefly, Pink Sweat$ posted this video of himself attending one of their stops, and it is so wholesome! It was such a lovely surprise, and we’re so glad that Pink Sweat$ was able to see them live!

Phase 6: ‘Gotta Get Back’ Is Announced

Then, in the wee hours of the morning on May 16, the official P1Harmony account posted this about the collab. Everyone was pleasantly surprised, including us at The Honey POP. We could not have been more excited 🤩.

Phase 7: ‘Gotta Get Back’ Is Released!

Finally, on May 26, the P1Harmony x Pink Sweat$ collaboration dropped, and we felt like Christmas came early. The boys got to show off their vocals and rap skills alongside Pink Sweat$ on this mellow R&B/pop track. Moreover, it’s in both Korean and English, which we love as well! The song itself is sweet, as they sing about how they ‘Gotta Get Back’ to their lover. We cannot get enough of this song, great job P1Harmony, and Pink Sweat$!

Pink1Harmony Collab Of The Year

Alrighty P1eces, do you love this collab as much as we do? Do you have it on repeat too! Share your thoughts with us, we’d be delighted to hear them! You can do so in the comments or on Twitter, @TheHoneyPopInstagram, or Facebook. Now if you excuse us, we have to go stream the song, we ‘Gotta Get Back’ to you later 😉.

P1Harmony Pink Sweat$’ Collaboration Timeline Gotta Get Back
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