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7 Lyrics to Send to Your Ex Courtesy of Calum Scott’s Bridges

7 Lyrics to Send to Your Ex Courtesy of Calum Scott’s Bridges

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had an ex—a previous relationship, an almost-slash-situationship, or an aloof friend? While yours gradually lifts, it appears Calum Scott has already beaten you to the punch, as his latest album, Bridges, swirls the word around a body of lyrics, with a large portion of the tunes reflecting on love lost.

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Its warning label even reads: “must listen while necking back a bottle of wine!” So you know Bridges is going to be sad sad. However, while you estimate what track number will waft through your AirPods at a tipsy point, we’ve also decided to be le messy by curating a list of lyrics signed by Calum for when you also reach the texting that said ex stage, because, as you know, it’s inevitable! 

Dear Ex…

I pulled away ’cause the pain’s too strong // And you were saying that we don’t belong // You’re gonna lose me if you wait too long.

– ‘If You Ever Change Your Mind’

 How can you pretend? // Like it was just my fantasy // Like it was only me // And I’m kidding myself

– ‘The Way You Loved Me’

You’ve been hiding things that I just really love about you // So promise me you’ll be yourself and no one else because // I want you // And all your flaws

– ‘Flaws’

If we’re only here for a while // I wanna spend all of it holding you // Take me higher than I’ve been

– ‘Heaven’

Do I really love you // Or am I afraid to say goodbye, again

– ‘Goodbye, Again’

You’re not alone // Just learn to let go // Reach out in the dark // You’ll see how many of us there are

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– ‘I’ll Be There’

They say hurt people pass it ’round // I know that now, but I still don’t understand you // God knows I tried to

– ‘Cross Your Mind’

Is that… is that you already writing up one of those heartbreak lines into your phone? Okay, we did technically warn help you. 

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The good news is that you’ll soon be able to surround yourself with a bunch of other fans who followed in the same tune as Calum’s on his upcoming tour! Seattle’s Neptune Theatre acts as the starting line for the Bridges era 25-date line-up, reaching its end on September 3 in Montréal. Ticketing information is on his website and you need to run, not walk to go grab tickets.

Calum’s sophomore album, Bridges, is out for listening ears, streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and wherever else you get your latest music fix. What’s the must-have addition to your likes section? Let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop, or by chatting with us on Instagram and Facebook


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