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Young The Giant Fans, It’s Time To ‘Wake Up’!

Young The Giant Fans, It’s Time To ‘Wake Up’!

Don’t pinch us, we can’t believe it’s really happening! Young The Giant is finally back with another hit, ‘Wake Up,’ but it’s not just a regular single, it’s a prelude to their upcoming album titled American Bollywood which is set to be pretty unique. Why? The group will be telling their album’s story in four acts…and what does that mean? We’re not entirely sure but we haven’t had new music from them since 2018 so we’re excited for whatever it is! 

‘Wake Up’

This band is always innovating their sound and this next album will continue with that theme. The group announced their single, the album, and also gave a bit of an explanation on what’s coming up in a tweet. 

In the thread, the band goes on to say:

In the coming months American Bollywood will be told in four acts: Origins, Exile, Battle & Denouement. We’ll be playing some very special shows this Fall in Red Rocks, NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, and LA.

-Young The Giant

Image Courtesy of Young The Giant, AWAL/Jungle Youth Records

And that brings us to a very exciting next point, Young The Giant is going on tour (sort of!) They’ll be playing a few shows at select venues and artist pre-sale tickets—which you can sign up for on their website—will go on sale at 12 pm ET on June 21 so set your alarms now, people. General tickets will be for sale starting 12 pm local time on June 24. We have a feeling these shows are going to sell out so be the first to secure your tix!

If one show isn’t enough for you, Young the Giant will also be heading to Festivent in Quebec this coming August! 

If you need even more reasons to admire this group, we’ll give you one. Lead singer, Gadhia, hosts a SIRIUSXM Alt Nation radio show, Point of Origin, where he shines a light on alternative BIPOC artists. Variety even named him in their Inclusion Impact Report this year. Yep, a band that not only plays incredible music but also makes a positive impact! 

Now, we’ll leave you with one of our favorite Young The Giant songs to hold you over until American Bollywood is released!

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‘Cough Syrup’

 P.S. This just so happens to be the song that made us a fan in the first place!

Which tour date are you planning on attending? What are your favorite Young The Giant songs? Drop a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook.

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