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Predicting BTS Solos: Which Music Genre Suits Each Of Them (Featuring Minstradamus)

Predicting BTS Solos: Which Music Genre Suits Each Of Them (Featuring Minstradamus)

Don’t get us wrong, ARMYs, for now, we’re still crying over that announcement, you know about BTS solos. But, no worries, BTS are not going anywhere. Still, this dinner party will be remembered. But we’re so so grateful that they’ve made that decision. BTS was humble and full of grace, as always. That’s why we love them so much. Ok, we’re gonna stop tearing up…

Because now we’re gonna be pretty busy ARMYs! A new chapter is on the way! BTS solos! No more mixtapes, we’ll have albums! Better prepare our minds because we’ll have a ton of tracks to listen to (and our wallets because money will be needed). Each of our talented BTS is going to create their own musical universe. Remember when SUGA picked a music genre for each of his members on the Let’s BTS show?

Well, with a little help from our Minstradamus, we’re predicting which kind of music BTS members will serve us. Oh, and before we go any further, let’s clarify right away. Minstradamus is Yoongi’s nickname since he has this crazy ability to predict the future accurately. So we can trust him when he says what kind of music best suits each of his members.

For RM: Healing Hip-Hop

SUGA sees RM singing autotune trot. We bet Namjoon can introduce us to traditional Korean sounds and make us fall in love with them. The only thing we’re sure about it’s that RM’s lyrics will be legendary, just like his self-made mixtape: mono… We still don’t know what he puts in this album, but it’s the most healing we’ve ever heard. With his unique way of seeing the world, RM will serve us some amazing lyrics full of poetry and depth. For him, we see something like this gem ‘Moonchild.’ We are honestly dying to hear new songs from our dear leader.

For Jin: Heartfelt Ballads

Jin equals ballads, SUGA agrees. He slays when it comes to interpreting heartbreaking tracks. Remember ‘Epiphany’ and the moments when he interpreted it on stage, ARMY singing with him, the heart tightened by the emotion. We can also mention his last OST, ‘Yours,’ or his self-composed song, ‘Abyss,’ which gives justice to his wonderful voice. We want to hear his clear vocals and powerful voice to sing us sweet lyrics. Or maybe something like a mellow rock ballad. With a voice like his, anything will suit our Jin!

For SUGA: A Mix Of Hip-Hop And Pop

SUGA excels in rap, and his solo career under the name Agust D prooves it. He took the music stage by storm when he released his banger ‘Daechwita,’ with its Korean traditional sound signature. But he said that he was about to try new things. He already surprised us in ‘That That’ alongside Psy. He confessed that he liked dancing (we liked it too) and said he was taking dance lessons! And now we’re thinking about that seriously. We expect some Hip-Hop tracks mixed with pop. To see him dance. Are we ready for a brand new Yoongi? We’re all about excitement!

For j-hope: Dancing, Still Dancing

j-hope will kick off the era of BTS solos. Somewhere in June. Right before his Lollapalooza set. Our man is busy and deserves all the recognition he’s about to receive. Deep voice, dope choreography, style on top, j-hope is eagerly awaited! So, for him, we see something cheerful and colorful, like the sunshine he is! Of course, there will be a ton of dancing tracks on his album. Minstradamus is okay with that. He adds that he wants his SOPE’s half to release… a children’s song. Children will dance. The whole world will dance.

For Jimin: Delicate Tracks

Our delicate Jimin is almost ready to drop what he prepared for us, ARMY! So here is how we see things. We see two moods. First: a few sweet dance tracks, like Yoongi said. Our dancer will show all the energy he has. Second: there have to be some ballads! With a lot of grand pianos, we’re begging you, Park Jimin. His dreamy voice and aery performance are all we’re asking for. That will be a huge success since all his solo releases top the charts and then stay there forever.

For V: A Jazzy Mood

Why asking? V is about to drop some jazzy banger. Everything will be about the saxophone, SUGA said, and we approve. We’re thinking about his song ‘Snow Flower,’ featuring his best friend, Peakboy. Taehyung is ready to reward us with some chic and lovable music. We expect some melodramatic melodies as well. Despite brief extracts he posted on social media, we better be patient since he’s not ready yet to release anything. He keeps changing the track order. Everything will be amazing, Kim Taehyung, we trust you.

For Jung Kook: Pop Bangers

Jung Kook had already spilled some tea. So now we’re waiting for the JK/Charlie Puth collab ‘Left and Right.’ We can expect a very pop track with light lyrics from those two. Later, from JK, we hope for a pop album. Fellow member SUGA said that he shines with pop music. Fact. With his voice that keeps being better and better and his talent, we feel that our golden maknae will drop masterpieces like ‘Still With You’ or ‘My You.’ Be ready, ARMY. JK is about to leave a huge impact on the international music scene.

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To Conclude: The Best Is Yet To Come 

We dream big for Bangtan. We can’t wait to hear what they have in their artist minds! It’s going to be an eclectic and so thrilling journey!

They assure us that the best is yet to come. Before we leave them to their solo activities, let us enjoy one of their latest releases. It’s not to make us cry, it’s because it’s beautiful. 

BTS are opening their new era, and we’re already in love. They seem happy, full of excitement and freedom (yes, we’re talking about all those shirtless pics and this ‘7’ amazing matching tattoo). If BTS is happy, then we’re happy!

What kind of music do you expect from BTS solos? Who do you think will release his album right after j-hope? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram! Want to know more about K-Pop’s latest news? Here you are!


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