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LOONA Welcomes Summer With Flip That

LOONA Welcomes Summer With Flip That

LOONA’s last comeback may have been a year ago, but they’ve been crushing it. With their Japanese debut and killing it in Mnet’s Queendom 2, LOONA has been quite busy slaying. And now, LOONA is finally back with their special album, Flip That, where they welcome summer, leave their darker side aside and embrace their earlier bright and fun image.

This is LOONA at its finest and we are loving every single part of it.

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The title track

‘Flip That’ feels magical and like a breath of fresh air in so many ways. It is bright and fun, and has a hopeful and beautiful message about how things can get better. What makes the song so special is its soft and fun chorus that is so addictive and pretty. This is overall such a beautiful and pleasing comeback where all the members look and sound absolutely incredible. They keep proving they can do it all and excel at it.

The music video portrays that refreshing feel with bright and beautiful aesthetics and gets easily added to the masterpieces LOONA have released in their videography. ‘Flip That’ feels refreshing and unique, and adds something new to LOONA’s incredible discography.

The b-sides

Flip That follows the same vibe as the title track: it is soft, bright, and hopeful. The intro track, ‘The Journey,’ and the title track are followed by ‘Need U.’ The first b-side has this kind of nostalgic and emotional feel to it all while being filled with hope and love. It has an absolutely beautiful melody that captures you and sends you to another world. Similarly, ‘Pale Blue Dot’ is a feel-good song that embodies a summer feel. It is empowering, all while having a quite surprising and soft drop.

LOONA also included their Queendom track in this release: ‘Pose.’ It is quite different from all the other tracks in Flip That, and LOONA’s discography for that matter. It showcases a brand new side of the girls and proves they can do it all. It is a song full of confidence with a new rapping style for LOONA, and its performance in Queendom was just mind-blowing and made the song even better. A bop for real.

The closing track is one we already knew from their concert, but it does not make it any less important. On the contrary, it is all the more near and dear to our hearts as the members participated in the writing of the lyrics, making it their first LOONA song to credit them. ‘Playback’ is a song with a beautiful and emotional melody that feels truly comforting – their voices sound so soft and caring. It is just beautiful. It sums up the feel-good vibe of the entire mini-album. These songs are just made to let go of worries and enjoy life. LOONA are the best at releasing the music we need at the right time.

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