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THP Predicts: Early Contenders For 2022 Song Of The Summer

THP Predicts: Early Contenders For 2022 Song Of The Summer

Honeybees, the time has come! It’s officially summer and the warm weather and good vibes are upon us. But that has us thinking… what will be THE big song that will get everyone dancing this year? We at The Honey POP have been contemplating that question for months now, and the result of our brainstorming is this master list of tracks that have the potential to be crowned the Song Of The Summer.

So let’s dive in! This list combines some of the year’s biggest hits with some gems we think deserve more recognition than they’ve gotten, and we’re sure you’ll spot at least a few of your faves.

aespa – ‘Illusion’

MYs, get ready for what’s shaping up to be the summer of aespa! Our girls surprised us with ‘Illusion’ just after announcing their second mini-album, Girls, and we’ve had it on repeat ever since. Their voices are just oozing confidence on this track and it’s definitely one of their catchiest songs to date! We can’t wait to hear the rest of Girls in July, but for now, we’ll happily step into an ‘Illusion’ with Giselle, Karina, Ningning, and Winter. – Madison Murray

Ava Max – ‘Maybe You’re The Problem’

The emotive new single ‘Maybe You’re the Problem’ is a zippy chart-topper for universal awakening that reverses the phrase “It’s not you, it’s me,” exhibiting little tolerance for obnoxious and narcissistic lovers. Ava Max is a distinguished pop star who has solidified her image, crafting a pop-perfect repertoire with a little of everything. From her euphoric vocals, synth-pop production, and exuberant, pulsating rhythms to make you dance to embrace self-love and a sassy, in-your-face confidence glow, we love everything about her. This recent track is no exception, taking her sonic game to another level and leaving us yearning for more. – Khushboo Malhotra

Avril Lavigne – ‘Breakaway’

While the Kelly Clarkson hit is a solid classic, Avril’s newly released version of ‘Breakaway’ has to be a contender for song of the summer. Avril originally wrote the hit for her debut album and while we’ve had a demo for a long time, we finally have a studio version recorded as part of the 20th-anniversary celebrations for Let Go. It’s iconic, it’s nostalgic, and Avril wrote a classic. We’re sure it’ll be the summer song for all the punk rockers and Avril lovers out there. We’ve waited a long time for this and it absolutely lives up to its legacy. – Emily Miller

blackbear & Machine Gun Kelly – ‘gfy’

blackbear and Machine Gun Kelly are one of our favorite duos in alt, and they’re building on their creative partnership with the angsty, yet upbeat, ‘gfy!’ Despite its kinda harsh message about telling someone to leave you alone, it has the same bouncy vibes as songs like bear‘s ‘Hot Girl Bummer’ and Kells‘ ‘ay!,’ making it the ultimate anthem for leaving toxic people in the past. We also love the playful nod to Euphoria that Colson added, as well as the “you should ask your friend” lyric seemingly nodding back to their 2020 collab ‘my ex’s best friend.’ – Madison Murray

BTS – ‘Yet To Come’

BTS’ brand new single, ‘Yet To Come,’ is undoubtedly one of the songs of the summer! The mid-tempo song, which pulls influences from hip-hop, pop, and many other genres, once again solidifies BTS’ position as 21st Century pop icons. ‘Yet To Come’ opens a new chapter for BTS, and for ARMY, too. It’s a song that is equal parts nostalgic and forward-thinking, making it the perfect song to listen to on summer evenings. At THP, we’re celebrating past memories, as well as making new ones, all summer long! – Anna Marie

Camila Cabello & Ed Sheeran – ‘Bam Bam’

‘Bam Bam’ is a kaleidoscopic Latin pop success tale of two astonishing singers with a tropical and salsa-infused chorus that will get you in your dancing shoes. With its hypnotic vibe, it was destined to become one of the hottest summer hits. The song starts off rosy and vibrant, and it only gets better each time you listen to it. Aside from the jazzy rhythms and melodious hook, it is an exhilarating and emotional ride that lyrically encapsulates Cabello‘s post-breakup outlook on life, which listeners everywhere can easily relate to and empathize with. – Khushboo Malhotra

Doja Cat – ‘Vegas’

Whether you’re a “dog” or a “player,” you’ll wind up in the doghouse if you don’t play ‘Vegas’ at least a handful of times this summer. ‘Vegas’ shows off Doja Cat’s ability to make classic elements of hip-hop and R&B into something fresh, flipping Big Mama Thornton’s ‘Hound Dog’ (which Elvis later upcycled into his own hit) into a glamorous track that will take you straight to Sin City. Who needs a “real” vacation when you can travel through the power of music? After hitting the Vegas Strip, maybe take a little detour to Planet Her to see more of Doja’s prowess on display. – Madison Murray

Dove Cameron – ‘Boyfriend’

After Dove teased this song on TikTok, it has since been used in over 713k videos on the app. To think that the song was originally a demo as a warm-up to Dove’s forthcoming EP is wild, as it’s now one of her most recognizable tracks and has become a widely known sultry jam. ‘Boyfriend’ is the perfect kick-off to a new Dove Cameron era! – Taylor Alexis Heady

GAYLE – ‘abcdefu’

A viral TikTok snippet transformed into a global summer anthem garnering a million streams, ‘abcdefu’ is a much-needed, infectious post-breakup revenge chronicle by young rising artist GAYLE. She sang everything we yearned to say to that one ex, bringing a dubious attitude to a toxic relationship, with a dash of swearing, as she was wary of being courteous. The guitar-laden song pumped new life into our distressed souls lyrically and sonically with its teen angst, intense vocals, foot-tapping pulsating beats, and lush production. If that isn’t enough, check out the music video, which amps up the tempo even further. – Khushboo Malhotra


If you’re on TikTok, then we know you’ll have heard the inescapably catchy ‘TOMBOY’ on plenty of videos on your FYP. The dance challenge has been done by so many of our favorite artists and idols, and the (G)I-DLE girls even created a tutorial for the song prior to their epic performance at KPOP.FLEX! We might not be any good at the routine, but we’re still gonna be singing “Yeah, I’ll be the tomboy” all summer long. – Anna Marie


Ahgase has finally gotten GOT7 back with new music and we are obsessed! Their new self-titled album is their first group release as independent artists which makes this era even more special for GOT7 and Ahgase alike. The stylish and hyper-talented team of artists have given us a wonderfully catchy title track that has us singing ‘NANANA’ all day long 💚 – Nina Negrón

Halsey – ‘So Good’

It’s just ‘So Good’ that we couldn’t leave it out. This song embodies the summer vibe, the build-up of good feelings, healthy relationships, and falling in love with the right people as you leave the past behind you. As Halsey says, it’s their healthy era and we’re here for every second of it. The song is addictive and inspiring and we’re hoping that a healthy, happy summer is on the cards for every single one of you. ‘So Good’ should be the soundtrack to that summer. – Emily Miller

Harry Styles – ‘As It Was’

There’s no question that the lead single from Harry’s House is a song of the summer! ‘As It Was’ became immediately inescapable upon release and began racking up streams and radio play as well as becoming one of the top-used sounds on TikTok. The infectious, nostalgic track perfectly opened the door to Harry’s newest era, and we predict it will remain a classic long after summer’s end. – Taylor Alexis Heady


‘FEARLESS’ is an alt-pop song all about moving forward without being held back by the past, which is exactly the energy we want this summer! When the chorus hits and the girls start singing in their lower register, we can’t help but take notice. LE SSERAFIM didn’t hold back with this debut single, and now we’re taking a page out their book. Catch us in our best looks, strutting down the street to “What’cha, what’cha looking at” every day this summer. – Anna Marie

Lizzo – ‘About Damn Time’

If you’ve been on TikTok at all since the release of ‘About Damn Time,’ you know why you’re seeing the track on this list. Lizzo, above all else, knows how to put out a HIT! There is no question that we will be dancing to ‘About Damn Time’ so much this summer that we will be doing these moves in our sleep. – Hailey Hastings

Maggie Lindemann & Kellin Quinn – ‘how could you do this to me?’

‘how could you do this to me?’ combines one of pop-rock’s newest standout vocalists with one of pop-rock’s classic vocalists in Kellin Quinn. The combo is rock perfection and the best blend of past and present! It’s emotional yet liberating, and equal parts catchy and driven by the relentless electric guitar. This bop is the perfect summer jam to headbang to in the car as you drive around with friends or go on that summer road trip. – Taylor Alexis Heady

Maisie Peters – ‘Cate’s Brother’

If there’s any song that screams “summer,” it’s Maisie Peters’ ‘Cate’s Brother.’ This song has amazing storytelling, and it’s so catchy and upbeat. The way the chorus goes from a low-key, almost-chant into a high-energy beat is so much fun and perfect for a summer afternoon road trip! We love the way Maisie uses the bridge and last verse to finish the story of the song. This song has been on repeat since it came out and we’re not planning on stopping! ‘Cate’s Brother’ is 100% one of our top summer songs this year. – Rivka Schmool

Måneskin – ‘SUPERMODEL’

The Italian four-piece that took TikTok by storm with the iconic ‘I Wanna Be Your Slave’ are back and better than ever with their newest single, ‘SUPERMODEL.’ Måneskin simply never misses, and ‘SUPERMODEL’ is certainly no exception. Combining Damiano’s charismatic vocals with more upbeat and lively instrumentation, the song is a total ear-worm that you will not be able to stop singing. With ‘SUPERMODEL,’ the band is able to create a wholly unique and fun atmosphere that is perfect for blasting at any given moment, making it the perfect summertime anthem. – Trinity Zammit

Megan Thee Stallion & Dua Lipa – ‘Sweetest Pie’

As soon we found out that Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa were releasing a collaboration, we knew that it was going to be iconic. And they, of course, proved us right. ‘Sweetest Pie’ is the upbeat and catchy first single from Megan’s upcoming new album and truly makes us excited to see what else the album has in store. Using lively and fun lyrics and production, the song creates an 80s synth vibe that we simply adore. In combining Megan‘s impeccable rapping with Dua‘s angelic vocals, this song ultimately contradicts its own lyrics and really does take us to heaven, making it the perfect anthem for your summertime playlists. – Trinity Zammit

Monsta X – ‘Love’

Monbebe were shook to the core when Monsta X released ‘LOVE,’ and how could we not be? When a song starts with Hyungwon intimately asking the audience what they think love is, followed by a bass riff that good, you know it’s gonna be a hit. The 90s-influenced track mixes nostalgic hip-hop elements with the suave sophistication we all know and love from Monsta X. ‘LOVE’ has so many switch-ups and unique elements that it always keeps you on your toes, making it the perfect track on every summer playlist! – Anna Marie

See Also

My Chemical Romance – ‘The Foundations Of Decay’

“It comforts me once more” to know My Chemical Romance finally came back with new music, and we’ve had ‘The Foundations Of Decay’ on repeat ever since release day! This was the release that shook the rock world to its core this year, even without any major promo or a music video. It brought back the theatrics MCR became known for with projects like The Black Parade while ushering in a new era for the band, both post-hiatus and artistically. Now, who do we have to talk to about a new album? – Madison Murray

NCT Dream – ‘Beatbox’

NCTzens, we are about to own the summer with our fave boys, NCT Dream! 7Dream is back with another track that will be our ultimate summer anthem, ‘Beatbox,’ from their second full album repackage that carries the same name. The song has the familiar youthful sound that is now a trademark of Dreamies, yet they keep us surprised every time with their improvement. ‘Beatbox’ has it all, from excellent vocals to legendary dancing moves, and we can’t stop listening to it on repeat. We’re warning you now because we are about to bring ‘Beatbox’ everywhere we go! – Nazlıcan Ay

PSY & SUGA – ‘That That’

There’s only one word to describe ‘That That’ by PSY and Producer Suga, and that is ICONIC. From the fun choreography to the entertaining music video, there’s no doubt that this might just be THE song of the summer. Not to mention, ‘That That’ is an instant mood booster, so there’s no doubt this song will never get old and will continue to be played at every festival and social gathering. – Yuni

Stray Kids – ‘MANIAC’

What kind of song is more infectious than a Stray Kids song? With its haunting chorus and its dark vibes, ‘MANIAC’ is a perfect track to have fun with. Thanks to a hint of evil laughter and odd sounds, our faves redefine the boundaries of musical composition. It’s only fair that with this talent and this audacity, the eight-piece ranks so high in the charts and in our hearts. Ready to spend a high-octane summer with the thunderous SKZ? – Séraphine

Taylor Swift – ’22 (Taylor’s Version)’

For the 2022 of it all… ‘22’ (Taylor’s Version) is one of those tracks that instantly put us in the best mood. Like, you’re right, Taylor Swift – we are happy, free, confused, and lonely, in the best way! Nothing hits quite like screaming that larger-than-life chorus with a group of friends, and you’ll find us doing just that throughout the summer. – Hailey Hastings


TXT’s lead single from minisode 2: Thursday’s Child is the formidable ‘Good Boy Gone Bad.’ The track is TXT at their very best; mixing rock and hip-hop influences, with choreo and a performance that’s arguably 10% creepier than it needs to be. With a win on Music Bank and TXT beating their personal best on Billboard, there’s no denying that ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ is one of the songs of the summer! – Anna Marie

YUNGBLUD & WILLOW – ‘Memories’

What better soundtrack for making summer memories than an absolute jam about moving forward from the past and paving your own future? YUNGBLUD and WILLOW delivered just that with ‘Memories,’ the high-energy collab we never knew we needed. The two take turns reflecting on the events that have made them who they are today while refusing to let those bad memories define them. These shining rockstars are the ultimate inspiration to us! – Madison Murray

5 Seconds Of Summer – ‘Me Myself & I’

When 5 Seconds of Summer wrote ‘Me Myself And I,’ they dominated every summer playlist out there. The way the song is written with the repeated verses makes it so easy to sing along to, and the melody is upbeat without being too pop-y. Michael Clifford’s guitar riffs are simple, but the way it ties with Luke Hemmings’s vocals makes us want to immediately sing along! The chorus is super catchy and has so much power in those lyrics. 5SOS created a banger with this song and we can’t get enough! – Rivka Schmool

Phew, we’re exhausted just thinking about all the memories we’re gonna make to these songs! We hope you found at least a few new tracks you’ll love, and maybe even your personal Song of the Summer.

Which of our picks is your favorite? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram. We would love to hear from you!

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be updating our playlists with these songs…

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