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Cub Sport Shows They ‘Always Got The Love’ With Their Discography!

Cub Sport Shows They ‘Always Got The Love’ With Their Discography!


Summer is coming soon, and Australian alt-pop group Cub Sport is serving talent to save our summer! They have been releasing bop after bop for years, but this new song paves the way for a new era in their career. Cub Sport’s new track ‘Always Got the Love’ has a vibe and message perfect for today’s listeners, and we have to stan for that! That’s enough rambling from us now–here are some Cub Sport songs you need to check out along with ‘Always Got the Love!’

‘Come On Mess Me Up’

From the beginning of their musical careers, the four members of Cub Sport poured their hearts and emotions into their songs. They did not shy away from striking our emotions, and ‘Come On Mess Me Up’ is a perfect example. This hit track from their debut album, This Is Our Vice describes vocalist Tim Nelson’s journey of pursuing music. Even knowing the risks of following his dreams, Tim kept on and achieved success later in his career. This sentiment is something everyone can relate to and resonate with years later!

‘Hawaiian Party’

Not only did Cub Sport use music as a form of their voice, but they also used their songs to bring attention to diversity and communities. For example, ‘Hawaiian Party’ included a music video collaboration with the Dolan Twins, where LGBTQ+ couples are featured in their journeys of love. As a result, many viewers fell in love with the song and message! It’s amazing to see representation in a relatable way since many of us shared similar feelings at some point. Queer positivity is a crucial idea in today’s society, and ‘Hawaiian Party’ will never grow old!

‘Always Got The Love’

Their newest release since 2020, Cub Sport, brought out ‘Always Got The Love,’ and it is our current obsession! The song features an addicting beat and a music video with clubbing vibes perfect for celebrating. The energy from connecting with others through music and dancing is something we’ve missed … and they’re bringing it back! Listening to the track, we can close our eyes and momentarily escape our responsibilities, imagining the atmosphere too. Overall, ‘Always Got The Love’ is a song anyone can listen to when they want to have fun!

Cub Sport has always been a group to watch out for, releasing bops and representing the LGBTQ+ community in a beautiful light. In fact, ‘Always Got The Love’ is the beginning of a new era and we cannot wait to see what is released next! You can check out ‘Always Got The Love’ on various streaming platforms here. What’s your favorite Cub Sport song? Thoughts on this release? Tell us in the comments below or on our Twitter and Instagram!

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