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4 Things We Love About Kard’s Re:

4 Things We Love About Kard’s Re:

You heard that right! Kard is back and better than ever with their fifth EP Re:! This mini-album features a total of six tracks, and we’ve been replaying them all day! No, literally.

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We at THP have been anticipating Kard’s comeback since J.Seph returned from his military service. And let us tell you, every song was worth waiting for! Here are four things we love about Kard’s Re:!

Kard's Re: concept photo
Left to right: BM, Somin, Jiwoo, J.Seph (Image Source: DSP Media)

The Title Track

The title track ‘Ring The Alarm’ has those fun summer vibes that are part of Kard’s signature sound. The chorus is unbelievably catchy and so easy to vibe to. And seeing all the members enjoying themselves and feeling the choreography is everything we needed. The whole music video is fire, and it’s not just because BM wears a crop top (*wink*).

‘Break Down’

We know one thing’s for sure, Kard did not come to play with Re:! ‘Break Down’ is a banger and such a badass track about the scars left behind by old lovers. Each member participated in writing the lyrics, and that’s probably why we resonated with ‘Break Down’ so much. The verses are heavy and hard-hitting, and it’s definitely one of our all-time favorite Kard b-side tracks.

‘Good Love’

Once again, Kard proves they’re a group that can do it all as they flow from one music genre to another seamlessly. One moment we’re angry at toxic ex-lovers, and the next, we’re making moves on our new crush. ‘Good Love’ is a light-hearted, pop-R&B song about giving someone all your love and treating them right. It’s a feel-good summer bop that automatically makes us smile.

The Instrumental Versions

Excuse us while we take a minute to appreciate whenever artists like Kard release official instrumental versions of their songs. Because the ‘Break Down’ instrumental did not have to go that hard. Now we feel like we’re entering our villain era with this playing in the background. And do y’all hear the guitar in the ‘Ring The Alarm’s instrumental? Sensational. It’s going straight into our vacation playlist.

After almost two years, our fave co-ed group is back together again! Kard’s Re: is everything we could’ve hoped for in a comeback. They’ve started the summer out right, and we’ll be jamming out to their new EP all season!

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Kard's Re: Ring The Alarm music video
Image Source: DSP Media

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