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Eight Times Crystal Leigh Was An Icon On Social Media

Eight Times Crystal Leigh Was An Icon On Social Media

If you don’t follow Crystal Leigh-Clifford, wife of the amazing Michael Clifford, social media queen, and entrepreneur girl boss, you’re missing out. Crystal has the most fun online presence. She interacts with 5SOS fans, she makes the most incredible memes, and she’s just generally a good time! Here are a couple of times Crystal Leigh was absolutely iconic on her social media.

Image Source: Crystal Leigh via Instagram

When She Tried To Get Michael A New Beanie

ICYMI, Michael lost his favorite black beanie while on the Take My Hand World Tour. Crystal, being the amazing wife she is, went all out trying to find it, reposting the ‘have you seen me’ poster for the beanie. She even started a manhunt for the beanie!

The Time She Was A Meme Master

Crystal and Michael are the parent of two adorable pups, Moose and South. These pups have Instagram pages run by Mrs. Leigh-Clifford, and we’re obsessed. Crystal uses these accounts to keep us all updated on the many adventures of South and Moose, and also to give us hilarious dog content. Like this exclusive Southy Meme Pack.

When She Was The Ultimate Fangirl

Crystal Leigh is the most supportive spouse and we stan her for it. Every time 5SOS releases anything she goes all out promoting it on her socials. When the 5SOS 10 Year Celebration Show premiered, she showed her support by live-tweeting along with fans and we screamed, cried, and threw up all together. It was incredible.

When She Just Knew

Zoom calls are a whole mood, and let’s be honest, none of us would make it without some… help 😏.

When She Gave Us All The Dog Content

We may stan a lot of people. But first and foremost, we stan the pups. Thank you, Crystal Leigh, we appreciate you.

When She Was The Most Relatable Plant Mom

Crystal has talked about her love of plants many times on social media, but it seems like she, too, struggles to keep plants alive. It’s okay Crystal, we’ve been there.

When She Had 5SOS Stans Back

A while back Michael posted this photo to Instagram, which was clearly a screenshot from a video.

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Image Source: Michael Clifford via Instagram

Fans were obviously very curious as to what this video could be. Crystal Leigh, the queen that she is, decided to help us out and posted the full video. Hey Michael, you better watch out, because we’re in love with your wife.

When John Cena Followed Her On Twitter

Anyone who’s been on Twitter for a while has experienced getting a random Celebrity follow. That moment where you’re like “oh cool! But… what?”. Crystal Leigh hasn’t been spared this experience.

We’ll forever be in love with Crystal Leigh. She’s an iconic queen and we love how often she interacts with 5SOS stans and how supportive of Michael and the rest of 5SOS she is.

What’s your favorite Crystal Leigh Moment? Has she ever tweeted anything super relatable to you? Feel free to share below in the comments or on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


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